Guide on choosing custom awnings for your business

Are you considering buying awnings for your commercial facility? Great! Awnings are increasingly popular among businesses ranging from restaurants to retail stores and even professional services. Reason- Custom awnings are considered a sales partner that gives off a first impression to your clients and customers.

Besides improving the appearance of your building, installing suitable awnings at your premises help you reap plenty of benefits that include-

  • Improved visibility
  • Increase usable space
  • Helps in promotion
  • Shield against the glaring sun
  • Decrease your energy cost

The list of benefits doesn’t end here! But remember, there’s no one-fit-for-all, which means every awning style is not suitable for every business needs. So how would you know which is the best awning for your facility? That’s tricky! Here are a few factors you need to consider when making your choice. Read on!

What is your primary purpose?

First thing first, decide why do you need an awning. Whether you want it to provide shade from sun and rain, increase your usable space, or make your storefront more visible, etc. Whatever it may be, your awning supplier will work upon it accordingly. Determining the purpose of your installation is the core of your decision-making process. Your aim will further define the size and overall cost of your project.

What is the best material to use?

There are three main types of material available for awnings: vinyl & polyester composite, cotton blend canvas, and acrylic fabric.

Vinyl & Polyester Composite- If you are looking for something durable, fire retardant, and water-resistant, this synthetic blend would be a perfect choice for you.

Cotton blend canvas- If you are on a tight budget, the cotton canvas can suit your pocket. However, they are the least durable and hardly used.

Acrylic Fabric is more durable than cotton canvas, but it is not fully waterproof like vinyl. If your space just needs resistance against mildew and UV rays, it would be a good bet for you.

Besides these popular materials, there are more aluminium, wrought iron, and even wood options. If you are interested in getting something out of the ordinary, you can consider these options as well.

What style of awning do you need- retractable or stationary?

Whether a retractable awning will suit your facility or a stationary awning depends on your business needs. Both types of canopy can provide you with the same benefits. The only difference is that retractable awnings can be unrolled and retracted as and when needed, while the stationary roof will remain in place all year round. Both styles come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, retractables are flexible but are suitable for only large spaces, whereas fixed awnings are sturdier and ideal for small spaces.

What colour and design suits your existing decor?

The next thing on the list is the colour and design of your customized awnings. Here your decision will be influenced by your purpose of installation and existing decor. Hence, when choosing the style and colour of the shelters, look for the options that will suit your business (preferably, it should be eye-catching) and complement your existing decor. While making your selection, remember practicality is also essential along with the architectural requirements.

Finding a good custom awning manufacturer

Lastly, all your efforts would be in vain if you failed to choose a good custom awnings manufacturer. So when selecting an awning manufacturer, do your due diligence, consider the awning designs they offer, the experience they have in the industry, quality finish, and options they can provide you in terms of material and mechanism. Besides this, check out their previous work done and compare the pricing of at least 2-3 manufacturers to find the best bet for your money.

Author : Ester Adams