Guide To Know About Personalised Football Cards

Make a FIFA card as a present for a football player buddy. Look no further if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind birthday present for a football lover. What could be ideal than a personalised gift bearing their name? Personalised gifts, such as FIFA cards, allow users to add any name and other data, making football lovers happy. Keep reading to learn more about the FIFA card!

In FIFA Ultimate Squad, player cards are the cards that represent a football team. Real-life footballers’ statistics are included on player cards. Furthermore, cards are classified according to the player’s quality and type. The designers of FIFA cards have divided them into three categories: Standard, special, and rare. They’re also colour-coded like gold, bronze, and silver. You may also personalised football cards by creating a receiver profile identical to that of an original player. 

What is a Personalised FIFA Card?

Real-life football cards pick the cards you see in the game FIFA22’s Ultimate team and make them real for football lovers. They are fully customised for you. So, every gamer, fan, and younger footballer can feel like a star. Football cards started in 2017 when lots of pro football players proceeded with real-life cards based on the game. Now you know what is customise FIFA cards are, let’s start on how to make them!

Choose a Football Card Design

There are various football cards designed to make customised FIFA cards. This section of the post helps you to make a perfect choice. The most popular designs of football cards are inspired by FIFA22. Various card designs represent different kinds of fans and footballers. The name of popular custom Fifa cards: S22 football’s greatest, S22 gold inform, S22 gold shiny, and S22 one to watch. Once you choose a football card design, the following pick football card style!

Pick a Football Card Style

As you read above, there are three styles of football cards, but the most common choices are metal and standard options. Both of these consist of the exact shape you see in a game-like FIFA Ultimate Team. The only difference between these cards are standard cards are made by Foamex while metal cards are made from 100% metal. Next, you have to learn how to paste pictures on the card:

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How to Upload Picture on Football Card

The most important part of the personalised football card is the picture and name. It is important to mention that cardsPlug’s graphic designers will remove the background from your photo and enhance it to perfection. By doing this, you will increase the beauty of the card. There are some things to remember while you choose pictures for the football cards, such as making sure your shoulder and head are clear in the view, using high-quality pictures for the card, and avoid to use the busy background of the picture.

How to Choose Football State

After choosing the football card style, designs and photo, another key element is football card stats. There are a plethora of cards that show a player’s positions and rate the player’s performance out of 100. 

Add Extras on The Football Card

When it comes to looking at the football card, you have a number of options. It can hang in the games room and the child’s bedroom. For this, you only need to add a magnetic wall mounting kit on the backside of the card.

Covering up

This post gives you a complete guide on how to design a Fifa card for football lovers. You can choose the FIFA card design and style from various options.

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