A guide to your vacations to London

If you are planning a vacation abroad, then London is a wonderful place to visit. Perhaps, it is even one of the most touristy places in the world. It is old; it is magical; and it has so much to offer to its travellers.

Planned trips are always better. It is convenient to be prepared beforehand.There are many factors which you must consider when you are planning your trip – when to visit, how to go to that place, where to stay once you arrive, how to commute within the city, where to eat, what to see etc.

To help you with these queries, here’s a small guide for your vacations to London:

  1. When to visit London:

It is better to visit the city when there are no school holidays. Also, it is noted that the number of tourists increases during summers. If you don’t want to go around the city when it’s too crowded, then make sure to plan your trip during non-touristy seasons. You can sight see leisurely during off-season.

The weather in London is unpredictable but pleasant. It isn’t extreme so you can enjoy your vacation in all seasons and round the clock.

  1. What to pack to London:

You must always carry necessary documents like passport and visa and other identification cards with you, to whichever country you may be travelling. Don’t ignore these documents, keep them on first point in your list.

If you are a seasonal traveller, then you already know what you must pack – warm clothes if you are travelling during winter, breezy and light clothes if you are travelling during summer season, a raincoat and umbrella if it’s during rainy season. Whatever the season maybe, pack smartly. Don’t forgot to carry medicines for emergencies, toiletries etc. It is important not to carry too much luggage. You have to keep in mind that you might do some shopping in London. Further, need not to mention that you should carry your shades, camera, and binoculars for capturing all loveable memories forever.

  1. Where to stay:

There are many options for stay in London. If you are only a backpacker, and you are traveling on a budget, and for a few days, then you may consider dormitories and hostels. If you are travelling with your family and are on a long vacation, then you can check apartments for rent in London. Lastly, if you are on an extended vacation, then there are long term rental flats available in London. There are many options for rentals in London – which are both safe and pocket friendly. You can check all options online and book apartment of your choice in advance. This will keep you tension free and will save your time too.

  1. How to commute within the city:

If you are staying in London in long term rental apartments, then you might find a place nearby to a bus station or an underground railway station. Public transportation is safe and cheap and easily accessible in London. If you can spend a little more, then there’s always serviced taxi at your fingertips.

  1. What to see in London:

If you are on a short trip, then you can buy a London Pass. It is a sightseeing pass and takes you to 55 tourist spots in the city. If you are staying in London on a long term rent and have enough time to go around the city, then you can visit your favorite places at your leisure.

There are so many things to see and do in London – like taking Warner Bros. studio tour, or taking Buckingham Palace tour, or watch musical shows and plays, visit old London, go to churches etc. You will find many tested itineraries from travellers all over the world on the web. You may follow any one of them, depending on what suits your budget and convenience.

  1. What and where to eat in London:

If you have opted to live in apartments available for long term rent in London, then you may as well cook a few of your meals. Otherwise, there are many options to dine out. There are enough restaurants in the city. To name a few, you must try dining experience at Sushisamba, Bunga Bunga. When you are in London for holiday, you will be needing cafes to rest while shopping. And, London is known for its wonderful cafes. You can find one almost in every lane in serving some fine coffee and snacks. You must try The Breakfast Club Battersea Rise for best morning breakfast, 46b Espresso Hut fro delicious coffee and snacks.

Considering people from all over the world, from different continents and ethnicity, reside in the city, you can also experience a wide variety of tastes here.

  1. How to stay out of trouble in London:

If you are a seasonal traveller, then you know that it is nice to learn a few etiquette of the country that you are travelling to. It goes a long way when you greet the natives in their ways. Help will be easily available to those who are courteous enough to do so. Also, you have to make sure to follow traffic and civil rules. People of London are generally polite and helpful, as long as you don’t disrupt their personal space. You just make sure to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ often.

Keeping the above illustrated points in mind, you can make you trip to London happier one. A well-planned trip to a foreign land is obviously better than an unplanned one. Book your tickets, get other bookings done and fly to London to have the best time of your life.