Half My Tooth Broke Off! Here’s What to Do Next

According to one recent report, people are experiencing cracked teeth way more often than they used to. It’s not uncommon for people to walk around with at least one broken tooth or chipped tooth in their mouth.

If you lost part of your tooth recently, you might not think there is anything you can do about it. But a broken tooth is considered a dental emergency, so you should call an emergency dentist ASAP and say, “Half my tooth broke off!”

There are also some other steps you should take to make the most of a bad situation. Whether you have a broken front tooth or a broken molar, you can put your dental problem in the past by attacking Zincovit Tablet it head-on.

Take a look at what you should do when you lose part of a tooth below.

Call an Emergency Dentist and Make an Appointment Right Away

First things first: The moment you find yourself muttering the words, “Half my tooth broke off,” you should begin looking around for an emergency dentist to help you. Ideally, you want to make an appointment with them on the same day you broke your tooth.

Your regular dentist might not have enough time in their schedule to check out your broken tooth. But you should be able to locate a walk in dental office that can assist you. They can help you fix your broken tooth fast in many cases.

Take an Over-the-Counter Medication to Prevent Pain

When you initially break a tooth, you might not experience much pain. But as time goes on, some pain is typically going to set in and make you feel uncomfortable.

With this in mind, it’s usually a good idea to take an over-the-counter pain medication as soon as you break a tooth. It’ll stop pain from setting in and give you time to get to an emergency dentist without wanting to rip all of your hair out.

Put a Piece of Wax on Your Broken Tooth

If you ever break a tooth, the piece of your tooth that is left in your mouth might be on the sharper side. As a result, it might end up cutting everything from your cheeks to your tongue if you aren’t careful.

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You can stop the jagged edge of your broken tooth from doing any damage by sticking a piece of wax over it. This wax will stop your broken tooth from coming into direct contact with your cheeks, tongue, etc.

You obviously won’t want to use a piece of wax as a long-term solution for a broken tooth. It’s going to get dislodged if you try to eat or drink something.

But you can use a piece of wax to provide some short-term relief when you have a broken tooth. It’s another thing that will buy you some time as you attempt to track down an emergency dentist.

Try Not to Eat or Drink Anything Until You See an Emergency Dentist

You might be tempted to eat or drink something while you’re dealing with a broken tooth. Those who aren’t experiencing much pain, in particular, might not think twice about eating or drinking something when they’ve got a tooth that is broken.

But if possible, you should avoid eating or drinking anything until you can have an emergency dentist look at your broken tooth. Otherwise, you might end up doing additional damage to your tooth and possibly even other teeth when you try to eat or drink.

Choose the Right Treatment Plan for Dealing With a Broken Tooth

There is more than just one way to repair a broken tooth. You and the emergency dentist that you call on for assistance will need to come up with a treatment plan for your broken tooth based on the damage that was done to it.

If you broke a tooth somewhere in the front of your mouth, your dentist will likely use a process called bonding to make it whole again. But if you broke a tooth in the back of your mouth, they might have to use a dental cap or a dental crown to repair your broken tooth.

Either way, there is going to be a treatment plan that will work wonders for the strength and appearance of your broken tooth. It’s all about finding the right option following an evaluation by an emergency dentist.

Avoid Doing Whatever You Did to Break a Tooth in the First Place

What were you doing that led to you breaking a tooth? Were you chewing on a very sticky piece of candy when it happened or were you playing a sport when you got hit in the mouth and broke your tooth?

Regardless of how you broke your tooth, you should be able to find a way to avoid having it happen again in the future. Steering clear of eating sticky candy or wearing a mouthguard when you play sports can stop you from breaking more teeth in the months and years to come.

Stop Screaming, “Half My Tooth Broke Off!” and Contact a Dentist Now

It can be very scary when you break a tooth. You’ll be left saying, “Half my tooth broke off!” over and over again when it first happens.

But you should do your best to maintain your composure. You should then look to follow the steps that we’ve laid out here so that you can get your broken tooth fixed quickly. All it should take is one call to a great emergency dentist to be well on your way to restoring your smile.

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