Here’s Why Collectors Love the Gold Eagle Coin

Thinking about getting into the gold market? Gold has held the title of the most sought-after metal by investors and collectors alike for decades. That said, gold comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs, which can make picking what you want quite the headache. The offerings are endless and include gold bars and coins of all kinds.

However, most collectors agree that the American Gold Eagle Coins are one of the best ways to own gold. And here’s why:

They are Struck at the US Mint

When it comes to collecting, it can be really hard to guarantee the authenticity and value of something. That is unless we’re talking about the Gold Eagle Coin. For one, the coin is minted at the United States Mint in West Point, NY, which is why it has the initial “W” engraved. 

On top of this, it’s backed by the federal government itself. In fact, the coin is widely accepted as the official gold bullion coin of the US government and makes up nearly 80% of all gold in circulation in the country.

High Quality & Attractive Design

Gold Eagle coins are minted from the finest quality gold, featuring 22-karat gold with 91.67% purity. Now, the American Eagles are considered one of the most beautiful gold coins in the market. That’s because they feature different patriotic and historic symbols on the observe, which give them sentimental value. 

And then, of course, a flying male bald eagle holding an olive branch on the reverse.

Globally Recognized & Highly Liquid

American Eagles are the most recognizable coins on the planet. So, as a collector, you can feel secure holding them even if you are not within the US borders. They are also the most traded coins worldwide, with the demand for them steadily rising over the years. 

This means you won’t have a problem finding a market for your collection whenever you decide to sell. And the best part is you’ll most definitely get a good price for them.

Portable & Private

Gold Eagles come in different weights and diameters, depending on denomination. However, they are generally small, making them easy to transport discreetly. On top of this, they are non-reportable. That means, unlike bars and a few other coins, you can sell your coins without reporting, that is, in private. So, you get to keep your financial details to yourself.

Proven Performance

American Eagles also have a terrific track record performance-wise. Yes, gold prices have risen and soared in the past, and not every year has been a good one for collectors. However, the prices have generally gone up in the long term. So, collectors with a long-term mindset find these coins to be a worthy investment.

Start Collecting the Gold Eagle Coin for These & More Benefits

If you’re looking to add gold coins to your collection or start a gold collection altogether, American Gold Eagle Coins is a great place to start. They come with lots of benefits. Plus, they are quite affordable too, which is great for beginners. That said, always buy your coins from a reputable gold distributor.