Here’s Why Many Women Consider Breast Surgery

Breast surgery may be a life-changing procedure, and the grounds for undergoing it are as varied as the women who opt for it. Some breast surgery candidates have seen unfavorable variations in their breasts due to gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or the aging process. On the other hand, others have always loathed their breasts their whole life. Whatever the reason, Matthew J. Lynch MD is the plastic surgeon in New Jersey that women turn to for safe and successful breast surgery. Here, Dr. Lynch outlines three of the most prevalent reasons various women seek out breast surgery. Check out this post to find out more!

1)      Get the Size You Want

When contemplating breast surgery, you generally think of increasing or decreasing the size of your breasts. Breast augmentation is a procedure that increases the breasts by implanting silicone or saline breasts in women who were born with inherently small breasts and yearn for additional fullness and volume.

On the other hand, breast reduction surgery assists women with pendulous, heavy, or large breasts. This procedure balances their breasts with the remainder of their bodies and relieves any physical pain.

2)      Address Asymmetry or Unevenness

Another subset of women seeking breast surgery wants to improve asymmetry or unequal breasts. This concern could be a long-term issue or one that has arisen due to pregnancy and nursing.

Based on your unique case and your objectives, putting a tiny implant in the tiny breast or shrinking the larger breast could enhance the balance between the breasts. During your initial consultation at the clinic, Dr. Lynch will inquire if you prefer larger or smaller breasts to ensure they tailor the procedure to match your needs. He can also incorporate breast lift procedures into your breast surgery to correct sagging in one or both breasts.

3)      Correct A Congenital Deformity or Ptosis

Many women suffer from ptosis, the medical word for breast droop. Breast sagging is typical after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight gain. Fortunately, the breast lift treatments Dr. Lynch provides help restore the perky posture of the breasts on the chest.

Tuberous breast deformity afflicts the growth of the breasts, making them appear pointed, asymmetrical, and narrow. Women who have this breast condition or other developmental defects could have a breast augmentation or breast lift to reestablish their normal shape.

What Breast Surgery is Ideal for You?

Establishing the appropriate breast surgery for you entails thorough consideration of your lifestyle and cosmetic objectives. A discussion with Dr. Lynch will also help you make a well-informed decision as he will assist you in selecting what procedure will best accomplish your desired goal and build a tailored care plan to maximize your outcomes.

Nonetheless, the following straightforward questions can help you figure out which breast surgery is ideal for you:

·         Do you want to reduce the size?

·         Do you want to increase size?

·         Do you want to enhance your breast shape?

In other circumstances, you might discover two alternatives, including a smaller, shapelier bust, or a larger, shapelier bust to meet your aesthetic goals. Regardless of your goal, there are various methods and breast implant alternatives available to assist you in obtaining the shape, size, and projections you prefer.

The reason to have breast surgery varies from person to person. If you are unsatisfied with your bust’s position, size, or shape, Dr. Lynch could design a tailored care plan for you. Call the office or book an appointment online today to arrange a face-to-face consultation.