Plan a Fairy Tale Destination Wedding in the Year 2021

If you have dreamed of hosting that fairy tale wedding all your life, then let us tell you that 2021 cannot harm your plans. With COVID-19 precautions and restrictions all around, it might seem a little difficult to host that extravagant wedding that you always wanted to, but it can be possible if done the right way.

First of all, you need expert advice, after all, if you are going to host a fairy tale destination wedding, then you will need advice from professionals in the field who will help you along the way. You can hire a wedding planner in Mumbai if you are hosting your dream wedding in this metropolitan city. Since wedding planners are skilled at what they do, they will help you from the get-go and make sure the entire planning is done effectively.

Here’s how you can go about planning your fairytale destination wedding with the help of your wedding planner:

·        Make A Priority List

If you’re getting married in 2021, then it is vital to make a priority list before you begin any planning. Add everything on the list that is important and will play a vital part in your wedding. For an instance, you can add points like shortlisting venues, finalizing a menu, creating a guest list with minimum guests, and of course, checking the fitting of your outfit.

·        Go On The Venue Hunt

When we talk about a fairy tale wedding, there should definitely be a castle. For that, going on a venue hunt is crucial. Mumbai is filled with ample amazing venues that you can choose from. Whether you want to get married amid natural beauty or spend your big day lavishly at a luxury hotel, Mumbai offers an array of unending options. You can get the help of your wedding planner in Mumbai since they can suggest venues just as per your preference. Among the prominent luxury hotels to host your wedding in Mumbai are Radisson Blu, ITC Maratha, the Taj Mahal Palace, and St.Regis Mumbai.

If you’ve chosen Igatpuri as the location, then you can ask your destination wedding planner in Igatpuri to help you with a mesmerizing location that is surrounded by natural beauty.

·        Theme or No-theme

A theme wedding is one where you, your significant other, and your guests are requested to dress up in a certain way that matches the theme of your wedding. If you have taken the term ‘fairytale wedding’ literally and want it to be just like a fairytale, then make sure you choose light color palettes that include white, sky blue, pink, and golden colors. You can also go with floral decor and a minimalistic backdrop with fairy lights for the venue.

·        Pick Your Dream Wedding Outfit

If you are hosting a fairytale wedding then you should look like it. Make sure to go on that outfit hunt and fix various appointments with designers, search various boutiques, and get help from your wedding planner in Mumbai to finalize your outfit for the big day. Remember, it is your fairytale wedding and you have to go the extra mile and choose a dress that is lavish and looks lovely.

A Heavily Embellished Lehenga or a Gorgeous Ball Gown can make for the perfect ensemble for the big day.

·        Don’t Forget The Precautions

Since it is 2021 and coronavirus hasn’t ended yet, it is important to take all proper safety measures and precautions to avoid any hindrance between your wedding festivities. Make sure that your venue where the functions will be held is properly sanitized and your guests wear face masks. Provide sanitizer and make sure the guest list does not exceed 50 to 100 people. Yes, it can be challenging to cut down the list, but you will definitely have fun in an intimate ceremony.

Call up your destination wedding planner in Igatpuri for all the necessary information about travel and accommodations before you head towards your venue.

·        A Grand Entry

A fairytale by destination wedding is incomplete without a grand and unique entry. So plan an entry for yourself that you and everyone else will remember for a lifetime. Make sure you arrive in style if not in a horse-drawn carriage then in a beautiful luxury car with a well-dressed chauffeur and your bridesmaids by your side to look after your gown or lehenga.

Your wedding is the day that’s all about you, so make sure you enjoy every bit of it. You can make the most of your fairytale wedding by planning it properly with the help of your wedding planner and they will surely help you create the wedding you ever visioned.