How to Hire and Evaluate a Private Detective Agency?

Private detectives are the professionals that help you in eliciting any sensitive or hidden information in an authentic and legal manner. Be it detecting a person, or knowing about his private/professional life; private detectives perform every task that requires privacy.

The numbers of private detective agencies are increasing with the expanding demands of private detectives in every field of life. In such a situation, finding a reliable detective agency is a big task. Giving your case to a fraud agency can lead to personal data leakage and even failure.

So, how to hire and evaluate the trustworthiness of any private agency? Check the given things to find the best detective agency in Delhi and other states.


Nowadays, many people start working as private investigators without fulfilling the basic requirement of being a detective. Every city has a distinct list of eligibility criteria that a person or agency must complete for getting eligible in this field.

To know the terms of your state, contact the licensing division of Department of Consumer Affairs. Ensure that the detective agency you are going to select must fulfill all these terms. Don’t hesitate while asking for the necessary proofs.


The ideal detective agency must have sound experience in the specific field in which you require assistance. Know that every detective agency doesn’t cover all investigation fields. Some work for law enforcement, some for divorce investigation, while others for a financial investigation.

So, know their area of expertise and experience in years before hiring them. Don’t go with new agencies that are offering you special discounts. Understand that one mistake during the investigation can ruin your entire case. So, trust only experienced agencies.

Previous Record:

How many cases did they solve successfully? Definitely, every agency would try to prove that they have a high success rate. But, you should check it on your own. There is an association of private investigator in every state.

You should contact them to know if any complaints are filed against that particular detective agency. Hire them only if they have a clean record.


Before hiring an agency, you should have a face-to-face conversation with their detectives. This will help you in knowing some bits of their personality. Do they focus more on money? Or they are more inclined towards your problem? What is their outlook on your situation?

Getting an idea of these things will ultimately tell you a lot about the character of these detectives. Hire them if you saw honesty and straightforwardness in them.


The right detective agency will tell you the entire cost involved at the very beginning, while the unauthentic ones will keep the amount hidden. On asking the amount, fraud agencies will give you vague answers.

Go for the agency that keeps everything transparent including the costs, procedures, and people involved. Both parties need to be clear about everything with each other for solving the case.

There are many ideal detective agencies in Delhi. Be vigilant to find one.