Hiring A Commercial Property Cleaning Company Near You

If you’re in Oregon and considering changing your current, or hiring a new commercial cleaning company, there are some things to consider when shopping around. 541 Junk Removal has listened to our customers who’ve switched their commercial property cleaning company to us, and based on their critiques, we’ve gotten a good idea of what people are looking for.

  1. Local or Non-Local:
    This was something which surprised us to hear was important to several customers, but it probably shouldn’t have – a lot of customers really care about whether or not they’re giving work to a local business. It’s to be assumed that there are plenty who prefer a large chain because of the security of its infrastructure, but even our largest customers have expressed the opposite sentiment. So, as you begin looking at the commercial property cleaning market, it may be something you haven’t explicitly considered before – do you want to give the contract to a local or non-local commercial property cleaning company? In Oregon, there’s none better than 541 Junk Removal!

  2. What Sort of Building Needs Service?
    This is a bit of a minor point, because most commercial property cleaning companies service all sorts of buildings, but it’s worth looking at their website to see if they’ve got experience with your sort. For example, maybe they’ve done plenty of gyms and churches, but they’ve never done a factory, plant, or warehouse. Hospitals require a different level of sanitation than other properties – does the company have experience with them? While they can do the job, if their employees haven’t experienced it, it’s easy to miss things.  Better is to hire a company like phs group having experience in cleaning different types of commercial and residential establishments. In the state of Oregon, there’s none better than 541 Junk removal for just these sorts of tasks – contact us to find out if we’ve got experience with your sort of property!

  3. What’s Prompting the Change:
    This is the most obvious point, since it’s probably the first thing on your mind when you consider making a change – why are you doing it? Is it because of the price you’ve been paying? Is it because they’ve consistently missed small things, or because they missed 1 or 2 major things? Ensure that you bring these things up with the commercial property cleaning companies as you shop around. 541 Junk Removal prides itself on customer service – if we make a mistake, we address it and retrain our employees, so if you’re in the market for a reliable commercial property #1 Cleaning Company in Hervey Bay in Oregon, give us a call!

  4. Price:
    This was touched on in point #3, but price is obviously a big factor in selecting a commercial property cleaning company! This is something that you’ll usually have to ask for, since it’s not generally listed on websites, but it’s obviously important. Shop around and get estimates from multiple companies! The nice thing about 541 Junk Removal is that we are hoping to save you money – we customize your account by having you select what tasks need to be done and how often, charging for each of them individually.

If you’re in the state of Oregon and in the market for a new commercial property cleaning company, you’ll want to consider whether the company is local or non-local, what type of building you have that needs the service, why you’re making the change, and what price you’re hoping to pay. 541 Junk Removal is a local company, founded in Portland, Oregon, we work and have experience in all sorts of buildings, we pride ourselves on customer service, and our prices are customized so that you’re in control of how much money you want to spend!