How hiring a TPM Consultant can Impact the Growth of your Business?

TPM or total productive maintenance is a methodical approach of enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and productivity of workers as well as equipment in any company. TPM focuses on every possible obstacle in the production process and tries to eradicate it. The main aim of total productive maintenance is to emphasize proactive maintenance in order to maximize the lifespan of equipment. To accomplish these, TPM consultants empower all the employees.

Perfect production with zero wastage, zero breakdowns, and zero bad happenings is not a myth now with the concept of total productive maintenance. But, it is still new to many companies, and people are unaware of the power it holds.

For the success of any company, it should work safely to make good profits and build a positive image in the market. Of course, there should be someone to monitor all the employees and encouraging them to give their all in the specified working hours. The person who can overlook the production and maintenance of business by devising plans for sustainable development. Yes, this someone is the TPM consultant.

Why hire a TPM consultant?

Now, you should know the exact benefits of hiring such consultants. As we know, you would hesitate before hiring TPM consultant considering the cost involved but, after reading this, you will surely understand that it is the ultimate need of your business.

  1. Help in Decreasing Maintenance Time:

Hiring a TPM consultant can be beneficial in saving the time of employees which they usually waste during the maintenance of equipment or machinery. The consultant will empower all the employees working on machines to take ownership of their equipment which can help in increasing production uptime.

The consultant will allocate the task of maintenance to all the personnel which was earlier completed by the maintenance personnel only. If everyone in a company will understand their responsibility in the machine up keeping then, the amount of time spent on the maintenance of equipment by specified staff will automatically decrease. This time can be utilized in other value-adding tasks by the maintenance staff.

  1. Helpful in attaining Safe Working Environment:

TPM consultant will ensure that your workers are working according to the TPM model. Now you must be thinking about what is this model? For your information, a total productive maintenance model is constructed on the 5S foundation. These 5S ensures that workspace is all sorted, clean, ordered and standardized every time. In addition to this, the model also focuses on eight supporting activities which help in making the workspace safer.

This will ultimately make your machinery clean and healthy without any loose bearings, leakages or any other hidden issue which can result in damage to machines. It will help in the reduction of the risk of injuries which are more likely to occur in the dirty working environment.

The TPM model will also eliminate all the workplace incidents caused mainly due to disorderliness like incorrect machine setup, tools in the wrong place or messed up workstation. In such an atmosphere, employees can work without any worries.

  1. Increased Quality Output:

Your TPM consultant will work on the quality maintenance as it is also a pillar of the TPM model. After familiarizing with the entire production process, he will work on quality improvement by spotting the defects. The consultant will then share defects and the tactics to remove them with your team.

Companies who have hired TPM consultant reports increased quality output with a zero customer complaint rating. It will also relieve the burden of your staff as most of their headaches were due to regular defects in machinery.

  1. Saves the Extra Repairing Costs:

TPM model runs on the preventive maintenance concept rather than curative maintenance. It means that the consultant will promote the employees to prevent the breakdown of production equipment instead of curing it after total breakdown. The machinery expense will decrease when the workers will regularly check it and fix the small issues instantly.

In the companies who don’t hire TPM consultants these small issues in equipment are ignored until the entire machine stops working. In such cases, more amounts are spent to fix it. So, the preventive maintenance will cut down the wastage of money.

  1. Helps in Continuous Improvement:

The TPM plan can improve your productivity by 70% and reduce customer complaints by 60% approximately. The consultant will focus on launching a continuous improvement cycle after completing the process of total clean out.

The consultant will train every multidisciplinary team to tackle each problem that limits OEE. Hence, the continuous improvement cycle will work very effectively. The continuous improvement cycles will assist in advancing your production process. It will finally affect your business growth.

  1. Helps in achieving Customer Satisfaction:

The consultant will spot all the defects in the production and train the employees to fix it. The increased quality of your production will surely result in enhanced customer satisfaction. All the TPM activities which aim at improved design and functioning will create durable products. Customer satisfaction will also enhance your sale.

  1. Building a Positive Rapport in the Market:

Better products will make your customers happy. You will get better reviews or responses, and people will suggest your company products to others. Companies spend lots of funds to achieve this. They pay separately for marketing, for getting positive reviews and for satisfying their customers. You will get it all in a one go by hiring the correct TPM consultant.

Be wise and stand out of the crowd by hiring a TPM consultant for your company. It’s not necessary to try only the typical ways of getting on the top when you can be one step ahead of your competitors by trying something different. Once you would understand the deep motive behind hiring the TPM consultant then, you will never consider it an unnecessary expense. After all, working smart is more important than working hard in any business!