Home Addition Ideas That Make Sense

Americans often invest in their home with an addition because it is cheaper than moving, increases value, and gives extra space. There are many ways to add to a house, but not all are practical, useful, or economical. Keep reading for popular house addition ideas that give the most bang for the buck while enhancing living space.

The Florida Room

Many homeowners think about installing a Florida Room, sometimes referred to as a sunroom. A Florida room is an addition off the side or back of a house. It is composed mostly of windows to allow as much sunlight as possible. Florida rooms maximize outdoor living space without the annoyances of being outside.

The Mudroom

Mudrooms are buffer areas that transition from the outside to inside of a home. Mudrooms usually have a place to store bags, coats, and shoes. A mudroom often doubles as a laundry room. Because this is a high-traffic area, the space usually has organized built-ins and hanging space enough for everyone’s coats and jackets. Kids can keep their sports and school equipment together in this room. Mudrooms add excellent functionality to a home.

Make a Second Story

Families that want to stay in their homes for a long time may choose to add a second story. A second story can cover the entire first floor or just part of it, depending on the family’s needs. Adding a second story allows a family to keep their outdoor yard and garden space, which is great for resale. Adding a second story allows more living space without getting closer to the neighbors.

In-Law Suites

Many families face caring for loved ones as they age. Building on an in-law suite can solve problems of managing living arrangements and health concerns for aging parents. An in-law suite is like a small apartment with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area. It allows the elderly to have privacy and independence, while still in a safe environment. In-law suites can be stand-alone structures or an addition to a home. These extra dwelling units add a great deal of resale value to homes.

Expand a Bathroom

Rather than moving because a bathroom isn’t big enough, some homeowners choose to remodel an existing bathroom to add some more square feet. Making room for two vanities, a large shower, or a bathtub may be just the renovation that can keep a family in a home rather than selling it.

Attic/Basement Conversion

While keeping the original footprint of a house, converting an unfinished basement or attic can be a cost-effective way to add living space. Attics and basements must meet qualifications to be code-approved living spaces. The ceiling height must be sufficient, and floor and ceiling structures must support the load of the space. Basements need to be completely dry, and attics must have ventilation. Spaces that include bedrooms must have egret exits, and windows may be added. The cost varies, but typically a basement is half the cost of finishing an attic.

Garage Conversion

Homeownes can convert a one- or two-vehicle attached garag into living space by adding flooring, installing a ceiling, and changing the garage door for a solid wall. Usually, garages become living rooms or bedrooms, but they can also become sunrooms or kitchens.

There are many ways to add to a house. Be sure to think through all the options to find the most affordable, practical way to find more living space.