Home Security Options: Different Ways to Make Your Home Safer

When choosing a home security company, there can be a lot of moving parts. Not only do you want to make sure they are reputable, but also that the services provided fit your needs.

A common misconception is that security systems are expensive and hard to install yourself. The truth of the matter is there are many options available on both fronts- from DIY kits with HD cameras included for under $500 to fully monitored home security systems starting at around $15 per month.

Traditional home security

If you are a homeowner who plans on staying in the same location for a long time, taking the traditional route may be the way to go. For this, ADT Home Security is the way to go. As the most recognized brand in the industry, they can guarantee good service and reliability.

One of the best things about ADT is that you can get a professional installation done by them, or simply use their self-installation kit and do it yourself in a matter of minutes with no prior experience required. ADT also provides professional monitoring 24/7, keeping your home safe when you are away.

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A major drawback to ADT is its cost; you must enter a lengthy contract, pay for an extended warranty, and spend more than you would at a competitor for their top-notch product and service.

Smart home security

Companies like Vivint are paving the way for the smart home era. Vivint has a reputation for innovation and commitment to its customers, making them one of the top companies in both customer service satisfaction and security technology.

One major perk about having a home with smart security is that you can control everything from your mobile devices. This means that you can check in on your home while you are away, monitor and switch the door locks, and get real-time updates on people and packages at your doorstep.

Other impressive features include security cameras with two-way communication so you can see who’s at the front door when they ring it rather than having to get up and a wireless touchscreen control panel that allows you to arm your security system with the touch of one button.

One major drawback is that this technology can be expensive if not done correctly; many of these companies have high installation costs for additional equipment like cameras and their own alarm system, so it’s important to research which features are actually worth having before making a purchase.

DIY home security

This type of home security has grown popular in recent years due to its affordability and convenience. If you want to do it yourself, companies like Simplisafe offer a three-part system with HD video and environmental sensors for only $15 -$25 dollars a month (depending on your plan).

You may also opt for Ring or Nest home security options, which only require you to buy the equipment and install it. Everything else you can manage from anywhere via your phone. This type of technology also offers valuable insight and is compatible with many other types of software and technology. These may seem like more costly options upfront, but they can actually save you money down the line while making your life more convenient.

As you can see, choosing a home security option involves a lot of different factors. However, it really comes down to assessing your needs and figuring out what you’re willing to pay. Once you do that, finding the right home security system is as easy as Googling your options and doing in-depth research to make an informed decision!