How Concierge Psychiatry Promotes Faster Recovery

When you are tired of waiting for days to get an appointment or constantly running out of time during your treatment sessions, it may be time to explore concierge psychiatry. Ann Arbor, MI concierge psychiatry services offers unlimited access to excellent mental health care to promote recovery.

What should you know about concierge psychiatry?

The concierge psychiatry team at ADHD Institute of Michigan offers dedicated access to medical care whenever you need it. You can call your doctor whenever you feel mentally unstable or start experiencing new symptoms. With a concierge doctor, you do not need to wait in line for an appointment to consult about your mental health or receive treatment.

You can request your physician for a same-day appointment even in the evenings and during weekends. The ADHD Institute of Michigan is dedicated to ensuring that your needs are met and that you are satisfied with their services.

As part of the benefits of having a concierge psychiatrist, you have the privilege of scheduling your appointments to fit your daily schedule. You can also consult with your doctor via telephone or an online video conference. You can also trust your most trusted provider to offer enough time to express yourself and share your concerns freely and any new symptoms.

Why should you consider concierge psychiatry?

Besides receiving the services whenever you need them, concierge psychiatry offers another exciting advantage: your provider involves you in the entire procedure of developing a treatment plan that works for you instead of giving that task to a third party. The concierge psychiatry team at ADHD Institute of Michigan also offers a private environment that guarantees confidentiality, no matter how severe your symptoms are. Your physician does not share any information about your progress, diagnosis, or symptoms with a third party or insurance company.

What services does concierge psychiatry offer?

The specialists at the facility offer their comprehensive mental health care via concierge psychiatry. This branch of medicine involves psychotherapy, physiological evaluations, initial consultations, and medication management. The caring team also offers support and encouragement during your journey to recovery.

Your chosen physician takes time to bond with you and earns your trust, which is essential in managing your mental disorder. The doctor also works on comprehending all the factors affecting your mental health and discusses the available treatment options to restore your general wellness.

How do you pay for a concierge psychiatry provider?

The ADHD Institute of Michigan providers do not share any information about your health to your insurance company. The team expects the fees on a monthly basis to ensure optimum care and support throughout the treatment period. Most insurance companies may offer out-of-network benefits that reimburse their customers for some concierge psychiatry services.

The facility’s billing department takes care of all the paperwork, making getting a reimbursement from your insurance company easier. You do not need to fret over hidden charges as your provider discusses the care you need while considering your budget.

For more information about concierge psychiatry, call the ADHD Institute of Michigan or book your spot online today.