How Conversational AI Helps Online Retailers?

Over the last decade, so many things have changed regarding customer demand, the transition from physical stores to digital stores, product design, and much more. People are dependent on technology for everything they need. Be it a small money transaction or buying clothes from a retail store and mini pop up store.

With the rise in the number of retail stores and mobile applications, it has become essential for companies to understand and realize the value of Conversational AITo increase the customer experience, e-commerce companies and online retailers have to invest in communication artificial intelligence that includes advanced machine learning and natural language understanding.

Companies that have already invested in conversational AI tools have seen their benefits in terms of increased sales and customer loyalty. If you want to understand how conversational artificial intelligence works, scroll down and read this post until the end.

What is conversational artificial intelligence? How does it affect the online retail market?

You must have used an e-commerce website for shopping for a product. A chat box pops up with a message when you land on a page. For example, “how many I assist you?” The technology that enables you to send messages to the user and get a response is what conversational AI is all about.

Customers get a personalized experience with the help of this AI technology. It makes them feel like the company is concerned about them.

There are many ways in which companies can implement conversation artificial intelligence in their online store. Below are a few examples of how to do it.

  1. Voice assistance: You are all familiar with Google assistance, Sirri, and other voice assistant technologies. These make it convenient for customers to speak their minds instead of typing every word. You can shop online, play music, know the weather forecast or book a ticket. That’s how easy it becomes with voice assistants.
  1. Messaging assistance: There are ample applications to get messages generated from powerful AI. The most common applications you must have encountered are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram. When you browse through the social networking sites of a company, you get an auto-generated message asking you whether you are interested in buying products or services.
  1. Chatbots: They are the most frequently used conversation artificial intelligence technique to reach the customer while they are on the online store. The customer prefers this method because they get an immediate response to their queries, and it is available at all times. Customers often get answers to most of their questions with the AI solution offered. However, a representative is appointed to resolve the query if things require more attention.

What are the benefits of conversational artificial intelligence to retailers?

With the support of such innovative technology, companies can manage more accounts, support queries, and grow their business without wasting their time. Read further to learn more benefits of AI communication technology.

  • Increased sales and more revenue generation
  • Quick solution for queries
  • Less workforce is required to attend to customer problems
  • More focus can be directed towards company expansion and growth
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Get positive feedback from customers
  • Enhance customer shopping journey
  • Convert potential leads into customers

If you’ve been wondering where to start, well, you just did take the first step towards understanding conversational artificial intelligence. Your next move should be to inquire about potential AI companies that can help you create your customized conversational AI.  So look for reputed AI companies in your surroundings and shortlist some to inquire about their plans and services.

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