How internet dating is changing over the years

Do you know there are places where you can meet people and date? Numerous sites where you can visit and get a lady almost immediately? The truth is that there is a lot more than what we can do with/on the internet, especially to people who want to date.

In the older times, dating was mostly through matchmaking by word of mouth/recommendations, with growing technology and the reservations of the newer generation on such processes, the concept of dating began to change. Now, people have simple methods to connect with people from any part of the world, which is one of the many blessings of technology.

How did we Date before?

 The concept of dating changing rapidly, and it is so rapid that our society is tearing away from the semantics. To the gen-Z and the millennials, the word ‘dating’ means a different thing to the generation-19s. Where dating would refer to two people meeting at a bar, a restaurant, or a park, etc. now, it could mean ‘lovers’ meeting over the internet through webcam chats.

Advantages to internet dating

Though some would argue that video chat and Social Media is ruining our person to person interactions, it is difficult to ignore how relatively effective this new method of dating is. Other advantages of video chat dating are:

Date people outside your social circle

In older times, it was common for a friend to set you up with an acquaintance of his for a date, which means most of the ‘dating’ was within a particular social circle. Now, with multiple dating sites, and with the help of the video chatting tech, you can have a wider reach and date with a person you would never have known. If you are not confident about how to approach women in dating apps, you should check out TGFAS and learn the best possible ways to win women.
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A quicker method to meet someone of your natural likes

Through the information you choose to make available to the dating sites, they will pair you with people of similar likes; it eliminates the awkwardness of first date questions. Instead, you can learn how to text a girl and find common interests.  When you get on a date with someone who already shares your likes, you’ll get good ideas for conversation starters.

More private and discreet

If you want a discreet relationship, then you should consider dating online; dating sites do not request for your personal/sensitive information like; location, or verification, or other trifles. It is also a practical way to keep your relationship until you are sure about taking it to the next level.

It is a safer way of finding people to date

Meeting people online is simpler than going down to a bar or a party. You only have to log on to the dating site and browse through people’s profiles; until you find a person that suits you.

Also, you can easily connect with people that are far from you, unlike the conventional method where geographical distance was a limiting factor to the romance.

A better alternative to physical dating

While this is not a lofty advantage of internet dating, recent happenings are showing us that video chats are stepping in as a virtual replacement to human interactions. Since the lockdown and up until now, most public areas remain shut, and video chats were the only media through which people could date.

Also, video chat is becoming a more reliable option for most couples in a long-distance relationship.

Platforms you can date on the internet

  • The social media

Social Media sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder are exploding; it is evolving from the days where it was merely to send instant messages. Now, people use social media for other things like; marketing, passing information, and dating (especially webcam dating). Most Social media sites support video call tech for chatting, and this is improving how people date.

  • Online dating sites

There are numerous sites available all over the web where people can meet and go on a video date. Dating websites like;,, OkCupid, Live Cams, and most others are becoming popular this period. During the pandemic, dating sites saw an increase of above 80% in their number of daily visitors. Many people have great success meeting a significant other with this method. Additionally, others have turned to a dating coach to improve their chances at meeting their dream match.

The New way of dating

It is highly doubtful that dating was the main thing on the mind of the Webcam inventors when they invented the technology over 20 years ago. Now, video dating seems to be the crux of the webcam. When we talk about the ‘new’ method of dating, we are talking about webcam chats/video chats, and how people now feel more confident dating at home.’

The implication of this is that;

  • It is promoting internet/online dating on a larger scale than ever
  • Changing some aspects of how we now view dating
  • Making internet dating easy than ever

Problems of webcam dating/misconceptions about dating sites

Although there is no doubt webcam chat is changing how we date, there are still some minor drawbacks (mostly sentimental) that are affecting this dating form like;

  • It is still stigmatized

Most people still hold tightly to the conventional method of dragging people to a bar or a park simply because of the condescension people give to online dating. It is wrong to think that dating sites are just to meet ‘hook-ups’ Many married couples have testified to meeting themselves on dating sites.

  • Objection: “People are just there for fun”

It is a piece of absurd and incorrect information; in fact, 5% of American couples (currently married/long-term relationship) met their spouses and online [1]. There are people on these platforms who are in for commitments, and it is not fun to them.

  • The Paradox of choice

The bastardization of dating websites is not a good advantage for some; most of them suffer from “the paradox of choice.” Sadly, many people on these sites throw away the chance for a stable commitment to temporal “test more.”

 Online dating might be creating choosy people.

Wrapping Up

Though Webcam dating cannot take the place of person-to-person chats (at least with the tech available), it is hard to argue the fact that webcam chats are changing the semantics of dating as we know it.  If Webcam chat tech continues improving on its efficiency, it will sooner and rightly win over people stuck in the conventional form of dating.