How Is Idea Management Related to Innovation Management?

Idea management and innovation management are two very different processes. They share some characteristics that are effective at creating new ideas and generating innovative products. Idea management focuses on the creation of original and creative ideas. Innovation management focuses on the process of turning those ideas into products.

Both processes need research, planning, and management to get off the ground. They also both need a lot of time and attention to any one project. In this article, we will talk about how idea management is related to innovation management.

Idea Management

Idea management is a process of generating, evaluating, and managing ideas. The main goal of idea management is to develop a system that allows the organization to get new ideas. 

Idea managers play a key role in managing ideas within an organization. They are responsible for identifying and capturing opportunities for innovation within the organization. The idea manager may also be responsible for selecting potential innovators. The innovators can bring their ideas forward into the company. Today, with the aid of an idea software, both product and service innovators are able to create a foolproof roadmap for developing new business productivity solutions that are critical for the functioning of any organization, which is heavily dependent on regional or global customers.

An idea management system is a set of procedures and processes that enable organizations to effectively use their sources of new ideas. The idea management system is a formalized process for managing the process of generating, evaluating, and implementing ideas. It is a systematic method used in any organization to develop an effective innovation management system. The idea management system includes three main components:

  • Idea generation: It involves identifying opportunities for innovation and brainstorming ideas until you find a good one.
  • Idea evaluation: It involves evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your ideas to determine which ones are most likely to succeed.
  • Idea implementation: It involves implementing your chosen idea into a real-world situation.

Innovation Management

Innovation management is a process of innovation that can be applied to any organization. It can be small startups or large corporations. It is a process that helps managers identify the gaps in their organizations and develop solutions, products, and services. These should meet target audiences’ needs.

Innovation management refers to the systematic and planned approach to identifying and developing new ideas, products, processes, and services to meet customer needs. An innovation manager must be able to see the big picture of how all these pieces fit together. This way, they can decide what works best for the organization.

Innovation management can be broken down into three main components:

  • Innovation Strategy. This is where we identify what we want to achieve and then develop a plan. It includes identifying market opportunities, customer needs, and business goals.
  • Innovation Process. This is where we define how we will work together to achieve our objectives. It includes identifying key resources for success and setting up organizational structures. These are for execution, mapping out roles and responsibilities, and developing communication and training plans.
  • Innovation Environment. This is where everything comes together. It’s where people are, their skillsets, information access, and networks.

Relationship Between Idea Management and Innovation Management

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Idea management and innovation management are two sides of the same coin. The core concept of idea management is to look for new ideas and then turn them into something that can be commercialized. To do this, you need to know the demands of the market, how to meet those needs, and how to create a product or service that people will want.

Innovation management is about understanding your customers’ needs. It involves successfully creating products and services that address those needs and bringing them to market.


Both idea management and innovation management are related because they involve innovation. In a sense, both have similar functions, and their role in the organization is to help managers achieve their objectives.

Innovation management and idea management focus on developing products that meet customer needs. These processes involve several steps, such as:

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Developing products
  • Testing and validating products
  • Defining markets
  • Introducing products into the marketplace


The difference between idea and innovation management is that the former focuses on identifying and developing ideas. The latter is focused on implementing ideas. Idea managers are responsible for developing new ideas, while innovators implement those ideas.

Idea managers must be creative thinkers and people who can see things from a different perspective. They must also be good at thinking outside of the box and must be able to think like a businessperson who wants to know how a particular product or service can benefit consumers.

Innovation managers, yet, have to be very analytical and detail-oriented. They must understand what needs to be done for an idea to become a reality. They also need strong communication skills to explain their ideas clearly and concisely to others who may not understand them as well as they do.

How Do Idea Management and Innovation Management Work Together?

Idea management involves managing the creation, development, and implementation of ideas. This ensures that any new concept has been properly considered, documented, and developed before it is introduced into the business environment.

Innovation management involves managing the process of bringing new ideas to market cost-effectively. This includes identifying potential new products or service opportunities, creating an initial business plan, and moving forward with the project.

The best idea management software should help you manage all the ideas that come your way. Managers and team leaders can use it to collect, organize and test employee ideas. It can help you focus on your projects and decide which ones to pursue. Idea management systems are designed for this purpose. The entire company or smaller groups can use them. 

Importance of Idea Management and Innovation Management

Idea management and innovation management are closely related to each other. These two terms have become very important in today’s society. These two concepts have become integral to business management and marketing.

In today’s world, businesses must work on strategies to stay competitive and survive in the long run. One of the most important things they can do is find new ways to improve their products or services. This requires them to develop innovative ideas that will help them stay ahead of their competitors.

In any case, businesses must identify where they need to improve their processes to make them more efficient and effective at what they do.


Idea management is a comprehensive process used to weigh, prioritize and execute ideas from various sources. It’s most beneficial on the corporate level when resources are finite. Innovation management is a general approach to improving specific processes and products. While both track ideas, innovation management tends to focus more on developing new products or services. Idea management focuses more broadly on ideas themselves.  

To say one thrives on the success of the other would be an understatement.  It is only through ideas and implementing of those innovative ideas that businesses progress.