How Much Money Can You Earn Monthly Selling Feet Pics [Revealed]

Are you thinking of selling feet pics online in 2023? If you want to know how much money can you make a month selling feet pics, you are at the right place. Selling feet pics on FeetFinder (a trusted platform to sell feet pics) is an easy and profitable business to do. Some people have started this to earn some side income but now selling feet pics has become a main income source for them. 

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If you know about this business well, then, do not miss the opportunity to make money. You can basically make money through this even when you are sleeping. 

So, this article will tell you comprehensively how you can sell feet pics, where you can sell them, and how much money can you make a month selling feet pics.

How Much Money Can You Make a Month Selling Feet Pics?

The amount of money that you can make a month selling feet pics can vary. This depends on a lot of factors like the demand for your photos, the quality of your feet pics, how much effort you put into marketing, and which platform you choose to sell the feet pics. 

Some people are making hundreds of dollars a month while there are people who are making some thousand dollars a month. It is important to know that the amount of money you make depends solely on you. But still on average if you put an average amount of hours and effort into this, you can easily make $5k a month and more. 

There is absolutely no limit to how much money can you make a month selling feet pics, if you are willing to do the work wholeheartedly. We will tell you how you can make the maximum by selling feet pics online, and what are all the things you should consider to give your best? So, let’s find it!

How to Sell Feet Pics Online in 2023?

How much money can you make a month selling feet pics, it all depends on the process you follow to sell feet pics, so, you should be well known about how to sell them in 2023. Here, we have mentioned below:

Prepare Your Feet 

First things first, you should always prepare the product you are trying to sell. Your feet should look clean, hygienic and pretty to sell the photos online.  Take good care of your feet, get the pedicure done, clean and moisturise them regularly, paint your toes, and wear an ankle, maybe to make them look better. 

You or your model’s feet should be well-groomed for this business. You can also invest in certain props like socks, a pair of stockings; sexy-looking sandals, etc, that will make your picture look appealing to the buyers. 

Click Good Quality Pictures

The second step in the priority list is clicking good-quality pictures. The demand for your pictures is correlated to the quality of the photos, so, make sure you are investing in a good camera. You can also invest in a set or a small studio if you are thinking of staying long-term in this business. 

Make sure you are clicking in daylight so that the effect of natural light comes into the picture. You can also experiment with different lights to make it better. Try changing the angles of the photos; you can also hire a professional photographer for clicking feet pics. 

A very crucial part that a lot of people ignore is editing, you should also see if the pics need editing to make them look flawless and attractive. Do not forget to focus on this part; this will give you an edge over others. 

Sell Your Feet Pics on FeetFinder

Choosing the right platform is very necessary because that will decide the future of your business. FeetFinder is the platform that is most famous for this business, and it is specifically made for this niche. 

It has a customer review rating of 4.8/5 which is very impressive. Checkout the FeetFinder reviews. FeetFinder is also very easy to use and in fact, has some special features to serve your business well. Let us look at the advantages of FeetFinder to help you make an informed choice. 

Key Advantages of FeetFinder:

1. Secured Payment System

The first thing about which a lot of people get worried is a secure payment system. Selling feet pics is an industry in which a lot of scams take place, but you do not have to worry about this with Feet Finder. They take care of your payment as they have a payment gateway of their own. So, you can focus on conducting business without any fear. 

2. Manage Your Money

Yes! You read it right, they do not only make your payment secure but, they also manage your money. So, the worries related to money are totally solved when it comes to FeetFinder. You can completely focus on creating good foot content and selling it on the platform. 

3. Famous All Over the World

How much money can you make a month selling feet pics also depends on the number of customers. You can only get a greater number of customers when the platform you are choosing attracts a greater number of buyers. 

FeetFinder does that for you, it is a global website so buyers from all over the world come to the website. You will get a greater number of opportunities to make money on this platform than any other. You can sell your feet pics to a person in an entirely different country from your home without having to worry about anything. 

4. Attractive Features

It has a lot of attractive features which will help you boost your growth in this business. You can pay the extra price as a buyer for your name to be shown on the main page for a few hours. The money directly depends on the number of hours you choose. 

5. Uplifts the Community

There are still a lot of myths around selling feet pics, people judge you if they get to know about it. The FeetFinder is a place where you can feel safe if you have a feet fetish because both buyers and sellers are indulging in the same business, so, there is no judgement from any of the sides. In fact, a community is built which is safe and uplifting. 

6. Private Messaging System

Even if you feel shy when selling feet pics on the website, FeetFinder has a solution for you. There is a private messaging system so you can talk to the buyer personally. Both parties can negotiate and come to a suitable price by communicating directly. 

7. You Can Maintain Anonymity 

Not only secure messaging system, FeetFinder is so amazing that it allows you to stay anonymous. You can keep some other hypothetical name while making a profile on the platform, and you do not have to show your face or reveal your identity in any way on the platform. You only do it if you want to, but we recommend the opposite. 

8. Faster Platform

The platform is known for its fastness. FeetFinder takes half the time than other platforms to load the same thing, and a lot of your time is saved as it runs smoothly as well. If you want to upload pics you can do it instantly without having to wait. 

9. Easy to Use Platform 

The platform is very easy to use because it is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the buyers and the sellers. You can very easily make your account, get verified and directly start uploading feet pics. In fact, if you are a first-timer, they guide you through the process. 

10. Subscription System

They have a subscription system which means that sellers have to pay a monthly, yearly or lifetime amount to be able to sell on the platform. The monthly is $4.99, the yearly fee is $14.99, and the lifetime subscription costs $40. This makes sure that fraud and illegitimate sellers do not enter the platform. So, more than half of your competition is already sorted.

Study the Competitors

It is always suggested to study your competitors if you want to do good in any business. Understand their psychology, what type of pictures are they selling, how can you do better than them and how are they ensuring the quality of the feet pics. You should be able to make almost the same or more money as your competitors. 

Selling Feet Pics 

After you have taken the feet pics and you have chosen the platform, the next step is selling the feet pictures. Make sure you are not getting scammed in this step, as there are a lot of bots and scam buyers, so, make sure you find a trustworthy buyer. 

Also, set the right price for your product, the new sellers usually set a very low or high price on the product. You should not be in either of the situations. Research thoroughly about the market prices and set the right price for your product. This will help you get legitimate customers faster. 

Stay Safe and Maintain Anonymity 

You have the choice to reveal your identity or not on these platforms. We would suggest you not reveal it. Do not show your face, write your name or reveal any of your identities out in the open while selling feet pics. In fact, we suggest you get a different bank account for business purposes too. Try staying as safe as you can while conducting this business. 

Ensuring Quality 

And the last step in the guide of how much money can you make a month selling feet pics is ensuring quality. Keep continuing the quality of your feet pics as you started, you can improve the quality but never deteriorate the quality. Make long-term customers who wait for your album to come out, cater to the needs of your audience, and they will stick to you forever. 


Is selling feet pics legal?

Yes, selling feet pics is legal if you live in a democratic country. It is legal as long as your country has not explicitly banned or criminalised selling it. A lot of Western countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada have legalised selling feet pics.

Can I sell feet pics in India?

Yes, you can absolutely sell feet pics in India too. You can use FeetFinder to sell the pictures in India.

Is uploading feet pics safe?

The business of feet pics comes with its own share of risks but it is safe as long as you are not revealing your identity or showing your face. And make sure to stay smart during the process of payment and do not get scammed. 


How much money can you make a month selling feet pics depends completely on you. You have to ensure the quality of the photos and the management of your business to flourish well. We have given you all the steps that were required to master this business. So, consider all the steps and implement them religiously. 

If you are seriously interested you can also make $5000 a month by selling feet pics as some people have bought their dream car or a house by selling feet pics online. The market is only going to grow in the future because the foot fetish is becoming very normal in the world.

Today is the right time to invest in this business which does not take a lot of your time or money. You can start earning with the help of a decent phone camera from your house. So, just get into the journey of getting rich by selling feet pics online, and always remember that quality should be your constant focus.