How Psychiatric Telemedicine can improve your Mental Health

Negative changes in your mood can affect your relationships and school and work performance. Losing interest in your previously enjoyable activities can affect your mental health, leaving you feeling hopeless. Despite your condition and symptoms, The Woodlands telemedicine can provide evaluations at your convenience to help you navigate your emotions and improve your mental health.

Telemedicine provides a platform to engage with your healthcare provider from the comfort of your home or office.

Mental health disorders that telemedicine can address

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Telemedicine can address the following common mental health disorders


You can have anxiety disorder following a traumatic event or the feeling of fear and worry regarding certain circumstances in your life. Panic attacks and restlessness are common characteristics of anxiety disorder. If you cannot reach your doctor’s physical office, you can opt for a virtual session to help you calm down and regain a sense of control.


Depression is a mental health disorder that negatively affects your mood, feeling, and behavior toward others. Common symptoms include irritability, tiredness, weight gain or weight loss, and overwhelming sadness, hopelessness, and helplessness. The condition requires long-term treatment, which can help you lead a normal life.

Bipolar disorder

Emotional highs and lows characterize bipolar disorder. The depressive episodes include behaviors like loss of interest in activities, low energy, and lack of motivation. Manic episodes involve feeling extremely energetic with a reduced need for sleep and losing touch with reality.

Although the cause of the bipolar disorder is unknown, it has risk factors like altered brain chemistry and a combination of genetics. The condition can be chronic and might require hospitalization in addition to medications and therapy.

Psychiatric telemedicine services

The following are services you can receive through psychiatric telemedicine:

Initial evaluations

During the initial consultation and evaluation, your psychiatrist will examine your symptoms and review your medical and mental history. They will also enquire about your mental health goals to gauge your mental status and whether telemedicine evaluations are a good option. Although the examination is extensive, they might ask you to have additional tests, including a physical exam or lab work, to make an accurate diagnosis.


Once your psychiatrist has your results and they ascertain that you require treatment, they can conduct virtual appointments to begin treatment. Whether it is an individual, couple, or family session, you can receive the treatment you require to improve your mental well-being.

Since the appointments are conducted with your convenience in mind, you will save on travel, fuel costs, and time you would have spent traveling.

Medication management

Your specialist will offer you a combination of treatment methods which include psychotherapy and medications. During telemedicine appointments, your psychiatrist can provide refills, and prescribe, monitor, and adjust your medications to facilitate successful treatment.

If you have mental health concerns and want an evaluation, visit Kingwood Psychiatry for an assessment. The qualified psychiatrists will evaluate your condition and determine whether you are a candidate for telemedicine treatments. Call or schedule your appointment online and improve your mental health today. 

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