How Technology Has Improved The Video Streaming Experience

Considering how frequently we use apps such as YouTube and Netflix to access content, it is difficult to imagine that not that long ago, it was practically impossible to view or transmit a video over the internet. It was simply not feasible in the early days due to a lack of bandwidth or speed.

Cisco estimates that video traffic made up an astounding 70% of all internet traffic in 2017, which is expected to increase to 82% by the end of 2022.

The emergence of portable devices and faster internet has significantly improved the streaming experience. Furthermore, the quality of the video reaching viewers has improved from a few years ago. This article will discuss how technology has improved the video streaming experience.

Five Ways Technology Has Improved Streaming

Fast Internet Speed

High-quality videos typically have large file sizes. To watch these videos, the creator must send them to the viewer. To stream a video, the viewer must have an internet connection that enables them to break the video down into smaller pieces. This allows them to view the video within the duration of the video.

A key consideration for the next-generation 5G network is video streaming. Therefore, it is necessary to have a fast internet connection to stream high-quality videos properly. Due to this, videos preload faster than ever before, and viewers are no longer affected by buffering.

Sporting events can be streamed live with a fast internet connection. Most of the time, viewers can watch live coverage in real-time or with a slight delay from the broadcaster. High-speed connections have certainly improved the streaming experience.

More Streaming Options

Although Netflix and Spotify are the most popular streaming platforms, numerous streaming platforms are available today that offer viewers a wide range of content. As a result, a wide range of content is available for all viewers, and their rates are comparable to those of their top competitors.

Several streaming platforms are available, including Disney+, HBO Max, and Apple TV, and major audio streaming services include iTunes and SoundCloud. These services feature podcasts and accessible audio and have many users. In addition, there is a wide variety of content available to viewers, so they can choose the content they like most at a price they can afford. As a result, streaming becomes more convenient as numerous streaming services compete for the best content and prices.

In today’s world, we have several options for streaming. However, many of them are restricted to particular regions, and many people cannot access them due to geo-restrictions. But thanks to StreaMaestro, now you can learn how to circumvent geo-restrictions and enjoy your favorite shows across almost every major streaming platform.

Portable Streaming Options

In the past, entertainment was limited to large screens and theatres. As a result, production was confined to longer movies, and short videos were hardly promoted on their own. In addition, because there were fewer television sets on the market, there was not nearly as much demand for video as there is today.

These days, almost everyone has access to smart devices that can stream content as long as they are connected to the Internet. We can not only view content on our portable streaming devices, but we can also record, edit, and upload videos using these devices.

Thus, streaming is now a much more enjoyable experience because anyone can post content and have a large audience. Viewers can watch content wherever they are.

Customized Viewing Experiences

It was a decade ago that personalized viewing was not on the radar of the streaming industry. Currently, viewers can click a button and instantly generate a playlist based on their past viewing patterns.

As a result, entertainment companies have been able to determine exactly what viewers are watching and, more importantly, what they like and dislike.

High-quality Video Recordings

A technique known as super-resolution enables even low-quality videos to be enhanced through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Depending on the viewer’s preferences, videos can be facelifted or have their resolutions reduced. Such features are typically available in streaming platforms either as default settings or customizable settings.

Watching high-quality videos is more enjoyable and pleasing to the eye. Moreover, depending on the speed of the internet, you can control the quality of the video since slower speeds may not allow the streaming of high-quality videos. Users also prefer clearer images over blurry ones. Therefore, support for high-resolution videos has become one of the consumers’ primary factors before selecting their new devices.

Wrap Up Time

There has been a significant impact of technology on streaming and content delivery. Technology has also become a powerful tool for content creators. Streaming that is fast and reliable ensures that viewers are kept entertained while content providers are more efficient. Therefore, technology has had the greatest impact on the streaming industry.

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