How to Attempt SLAT 2021 Question Paper?

SLAT or Symbiosis Law Admission Test happens to be one of the most complicated law entrance tests in the country. This exam is conducted by Symbiosis University. SLAT 2021 exam is scheduled to be held from 10th to 13th July 2021 in online mode.

Analysing the previous year’s question paper has been modified and brought down to 75 questions for which aspirants were allowed 75 minutes to answer. However, due to the second wave of coronavirus, the question paper of SLAT 2021 has again been revised and reduced to 60 questions for which the candidates have been allotted 60 minutes.

Students are hence recommended to prepare according to the previous year’s question paper of the SLAT exam. There are five sections followed by the WAT that you will have to thoroughly answer. These subjects are Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and General Knowledge, each of these subjects will have 12 questions.

Attempt SLAT 2021 Question Paper Strategically

For many aspirants attempting an online entrance exam can sound like a cakewalk, but it is not, especially when the exam in question is SLAT. The 60-minute test will be followed by 30-minute WAT.

If you do the quick math, you will see that you are allotted one minute for every question. Hence, you will have to work on a pre-build strategy to crack the SLAT this year. You can start with attempting the question in the below-described pattern, this pattern is discussed according to SLAT 2020 –

  • Analytical Reasoning

One of the sections that have a moderate level of complications is this one. This is among the tricky part of the question paper. In this section, you might have to answer questions regarding percentages, SI, CI, Loss & Profit. There will be multiple other questions that will be based on blood relations, calendar, number series, direction sense and much more.

  • General Knowledge

In the SLAT question papers, GK happens to be one of the most scoring sections. But it is not composed of pure GK but has some number of Current Affairs in it as well. For few years questions on current affairs is increasing. Hence, you are recommended to prepare yourself according to that. The questions are mostly related to Economics, Person in News, Government Policies, International and National Affairs. You must include reading a newspaper daily to score well in this section.

  • Logical Reasoning

This section happens to have the same difficulty level as analytical reasoning. According to the previous year, this section had some easier questions than the rest of the question paper. You will have to face questions regarding coding or decoding, family-based riddles, critical and verbal reasoning, visual reasoning, number series and direction sense. these questions are less time-consuming thus answering them at the initial time of the exam can be beneficial for you.

  • Legal Reasoning

This level has easy to moderate difficulty. If you prepare for this well you will be able to crack it without much difficulty. The questions of this section are related to basic level legal awareness and principles. You will find most of the questions are based on principles. To crack the legal awareness part you can put the effort into learning contract laws, the law of torts. These are the two topics that have dominated the legal reasoning section in the previous year.

  • Reading Comprehension

This is the lengthiest and time-consuming part of the exam. You will face passages that will be related to politics, sociology and economics. The passages are not much longer and they consist of five questions each. The questions framed here are mostly direct, thus you do not require to think much. This part is easy to medium level of difficulty.

If you follow this SLAT preparation strategy to attempt questions you can succeed with ease. But, the most important issue is how you are preparing for it. You can easily crack this paper if you have prepared well. You can choose to answer questions according to the time it takes.

Start answering the SLAT 2020 question paper and do it within 75 minutes. You will understand how prepared you are to sit for the SLAT 2021.

Preparation Strategy for SLAT 2021

The release date of this year’s SLAT exam has already been released and it will be a remote-proctored test or RPT mode. If you are a SLAT aspirant you should know about the basic questions of this exam.

When you are determined to sit for SLAT and crack it, you must have a complete preparation strategy. Here is a strategy that you can use to prepare for this entrance exam –

  1. Prepare a preparation schedule – You can make a schedule according to your lifestyle on a week or daily basis.
  2. Keep a check on the exam pattern all through the year. This will help you to understand what kind of questions will be there in the paper.
  3. Collect all your study material, that you feel you would be needing.
  4. Prepare yourself according to subjects. Try to cover all the syllabus, take mock tests and revise weekly.

Being Aware of the SLAT Exam Pattern

You need to have a clear idea about the selection process of the SLAT exam along with the exam pattern. Here is how Symbiosis will curate your scorecard –

  1. Symbiosis will only reflect the marks obtained in the MCQ part.
  2. It will be then utilized by the institutes that have taken part in the entrance exam to choose candidates.
  3. The shortlisted candidates then will have to sit for the WAT and the institutes will assign marks after evaluating the answer shit of the answer sheets.

Final Thoughts

You must know that there is no negative marking on this question paper. Only if you clear SLAT you will be able to sit for the Personal Interview round. You may even have to face some objective kind questions in the comprehensive passages. Your analytical and reading abilities will be evaluated with this.

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