How to Choose the Best Cannabis Flower for Your Needs

Cannabis flower is the trichome-enriched, smokeable part of the cannabis plant. When smoked, flowers can induce various psychoactive and medicinal effects.

The premium flower is a dense, full cannabis bud that’s usually the most expensive marijuana on a dispensary menu. It also has the highest cannabinoid content.


It’s vital to buy cannabis flowers with a high THC potency because this can help you achieve the desired effects more quickly. High-potency cannabis can also deliver a more intense high than low-potency flowers.

For accurate measurement of the potency of your cannabis, it is recommended to examine its trichomes. These crystals contain terpenes that give cannabis its characteristic smell and flavor. They’re also responsible for its therapeutic effects. To check for trichomes, photograph the buds using your smartphone’s camera. Look for trichomes that sparkle and have tiny mushroom-shaped tops. Moldy trichomes, on the other hand, have a musty or powdery scent.

A cannabis flower’s aroma can also give you an idea of its quality. A musty or mildew smell means that the flower is contaminated with mold. It can occur when the flower is improperly cured or stored. Buying moldy flowers can lead to illness or even death.

Finding the right cannabis flower for your needs can be difficult. Finding the perfect strains, cultivars, or hybrids for you may take several attempts. It’s helpful to keep a journal or log of the products you try and their genetics, cannabinoid levels, and terpene ratios. You can also send samples for detailed testing and analysis.


The term “sinsemilla” (without seeds) has long been used to denote top-quality cannabis flowers. It is believed that the diversion of plant energy from cannabinoid synthesis to seed production during fertilization decreases overall cannabinoid content.

It is crucial to purchase only the highest-quality cannabis products at WholesomeCo, which is why trustworthy growers will give you comprehensive details on the cannabis they produce and cull.

The perfume of a bud might be one of the simplest indicators of its quality. A strong smell suggests that the bud has higher potency and trichome density. The trichomes outside each cannabis bud secrete terpenoids, giving each strain its unique scent and flavor.

Low-quality bud often has a musty or mildew smell. It is usually a sign that the cannabis has become contaminated with mold during curing, which can occur if the buds aren’t properly cured and stored.

When selecting a cannabis strain, it’s also essential to consider its THC and CBD content and terpene profile. Many people find that a 1:1 THC: CBD ratio is more effective for alleviating spasms and chronic pain than a THC-dominant strain. Additionally, strains with high CBD concentrations lessen the euphoric effects of THC and are beneficial for people who deal with depression or anxiety.


Finding the best cannabis product takes time because it is one of the most complicated plants on the planet. Some people find their perfect cannabis flower on the first try. In contrast, others will have to experiment with different genetics and ratios of cannabinoid and terpene compounds before finding what works for them. To help you recall what worked best for you, it is advised that you keep a record or diary of the various forms, cannabinoid concentrations, and terpene profiles you have tested.

During the flowering phase, cannabis plants develop flowers surrounded by sticky trichomes. These tiny trichomes produce psychoactive cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Female cannabis plants have reproductive structures called flowers that, when pollinated by male plants, will produce seeds. The fertilization occurs when the pistils inside the cannabis flowers rise and touch the stigmas that protrude from the colas, allowing the pollen to transfer from the male plant to the female flower.

A suitable laboratory will be able to translate highly technical test results into consumer-friendly certificates of analysis. When choosing a cannabis flower, you should look for third-party lab test results that include the cannabinoid and terpene concentrations and the moisture content. Moisture is essential because too much can promote microbes’ growth, which may compromise product safety and quality.


A high THC percentage can be a good quality indicator, but it is not the only factor. Other factors, such as terpene profiles, cannabinoid content, and springiness, are essential when selecting the perfect cannabis flower.

Terpenes are the oils that give cannabis strains their distinct smells and flavors. A theme that smells fruity or citrus contains terpenes like Limonene and Pinene, which produce uplifting, energizing effects. Conversely, if a strain has an earthy, piney scent, it is likely high in the terpenes Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene, which create relaxing, calm effects. These aromatic oils are also responsible for influencing the impact of particular stress.

It can take some trial and error to select the best cannabis strain. However, knowing what you are looking for can make the selection process more manageable. Many consumers narrow their choices to indica, sativa, or hybrid strains. Indica strains are famous for inducing a more soothing and sedating effect, while sativa strains are known to boost energy and enhance creativity. Hybrid strains provide a balance of these two effects.

Another important consideration is that poor-quality cannabis flowers deteriorate quickly and lose color, flavor, and potency. Correctly buying and storing fresh flowers is the best way to ensure a high-quality product. Ideally, buds should be consumed within three months of their harvest date. Fresher flower is a safer choice as it has less chance of becoming contaminated with pesticides, germs, or other impurities.