How To Choose The Right Hair Products For You

It is every woman’s dream to adorn shiny, luscious and beautiful hair all year around. With modern lifestyles and commitments, the need to have a perfect hairstyle is on the rise. Our hectic daily routine and stressful environment have contributed to our hair looking dull and tired. Under the damage, your natural hair can be revived with just the right hair care! And with the right kind of hair products, you can give your hair the nutrition that it needs. Healthy hair not only makes us look our best, but it is also a testament to healthy hair follicles. In order to achieve this, you do not have to indulge in expensive salon visits and treatments.

Right hair products for your hair care are significant in uplifting your appearance and help in making you feel good about yourself. Scalp health is very important in reviving your hair. The journey towards healthy hair starts with not just the right products, but also with understanding what kind of care your hair needs. This can be simply answered by addressing the root cause of whatever is making your hair unhealthy.

Most often than not, we tend to focus on the exterior appearance of the hair that we lose track of the roots and inner health of these hair strands. This is why, before making any changes to your hair care routine and the products you are using in it, you must consider the health of your hair at the base level.

One of the ways is to seek help from a dermatologist. The other way is to assess the quality of your hair, starting from the roots. According to recent studies, our hair roots suffer a great amount of damage due to our stressful lifestyle, polluted environment and poor diet. All three factors go hand-in-hand, and they need to be looked at before making any radical change to your hair care routine. This is because too much exposure to harsh chemicals decrease the longevity and health of the hair strands. This results in premature hair fall, dull looking hair, brittle hair texture, and sometimes, premature graying too.

So, choosing the right hair products and taking a nutrient-rich diet are extremely important lifestyle choices you must undertake to get a better hair quality. The first step toward selecting the right hair products is to determine the hair type. This will ensure that you are choosing ingredients that are going to benefit your natural hair the most. Many a time, most of the hair concerns largely stem from using the wrong hair products. When you choose a product that addresses the needs of your hair, then your hair naturally begins to look and feel better. The healing journey starts from addressing the issue at the root (quite literally). So, how do you choose the right hair products? Read on to know more!

  1. Understand Hair Porosity

Your hair porosity tells about your hair strands’ ability to absorb moisture and further retain it. Hair strands with high porosity are sensitive to damage. This is because of the possible tears and gaps within the hair cuticles. On the other hand, hair strands with low porosity find it harder to absorb moisture and ingredients of your hair products. This is because low porosity of the hair strands make the cuticles lie flat.

It is most ideal to have medium porosity within your hair strands. This makes them excellent at retaining product and moisture.

Detangle your hair with the right hair products

Being able to address this question will be able to start healing your hair. This will help in choosing hair products that will tackle the issue directly. People with hair strands containing low to high porosity should check out Beyond Brush. This brush is useful in detangling your hair without breaking hair follicles from the root or from in between. A high amount of hair fall usually happens due to damage caused by tangled hair strands. This hair accessory by Beyond is a must for women who use hair extensions, as it seamlessly blends hairpieces with your natural hair.

2.     Know Your Hair’s Texture

Understanding your hair texture is like winning half of the battle. Women with fine hair texture are prone to damaged and greasy scalp, and women with fine hair texture should use less invasive hair products. Their hair is more prone to looking more flat at the top due to greasy scalp. Women with hair imbibing coarse texture are sensitive to accumulating frizz. This hair texture is a task to manage, as the frizz makes the hair untamable.

Give tender care to your hair with gentle shampoo

If you are looking for a gentle shampoo for your hair needs, then Beyond Moisturizing Shampoo is the right hair product to give tender care to your scalp. The shampoo gives a moisturizing effect on the hair, leaving it restored and resilient to environmental pollution. The unique formula of this hair product consists of emollients that give deep nourishment and long-lasting shine. The shampoo features vanilla musk with top notes of raspberry and blackberry.

3.     Hair Shape

Apart from hair texture, the shape of the hair is also different for different women. Whether your hair is wavy, straight, coiled or curly, it has different sets of needs and concerns. Wavy and curly hair types are sensitive to frizz and dryness. They are also more prone to being dry in extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, straight hair type is more prone to looking dull and lacking in volume.

Get a gentle conditioner for moisturized hair

If your hair concern is dryness and dullness, then you must check out Beyond Hydrating Conditioner for an ultra-rich moisturizing effect. This hair product has been made with certified essential oils, which are key to giving your hair that additional shine and strength. The special emollients in this hair conditioner let you detangle your hair smoothly, giving them a naturally soft feel.

Choosing the right hair products is of essence in order to have healthy hair. Apart from using the right hair products, you must let the hair air dry as much as possible. This helps in breaking away from constant styling heat that damages hair cuticles in the long run. That is why using heat protectant spray is a great investment for your hair care!


There are many factors that affect your hair on a daily basis, be it the environment, stress, or even your daily hair routine. If not taken proper care of, your natural hair might become dry and frizzy after some time. Therefore, it is important to choose the right hair products to keep those gorgeous tresses healthy and in shape. We hope that our blog helped you understand how to choose the right hair product.

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