How to choose wooden interior doors

In the abundance of modern materials, natural wood invariably occupies a leading position. Wooden doors are notable for their beauty, durability, and safety. If you are looking for just such a door, you should know how to choose wooden white doors. We will consider what criteria are essential when choosing a wooden door.

                Interior doors made of wood are smooth, carved, and glazed. The configuration can be rectangular, oval, and arched. Regardless of the purpose, you need to choose wooden doors taking into account the following criteria:

Manufacturer. Products from trusted manufacturers are a guarantee of durability and reliability. Well-known companies value their reputation and offer beautiful and reliable products. The products have certificates that confirm safety, fire resistance, environmental friendliness, and processing quality. If you’re considering barn doors, check out the range at Rolltrak.

Wood. For manufacturing, well-dried first-grade lumber is used. The surface must be smooth, without roughness and unevenness, because even at the production stage, each layer of varnish and tinting is carefully sanded.

External finishing. A high-quality canvas is a solid timber without additional coating. If there is veneer, film, HPL, or CPL on top, the design may be defective. For example, the structure contains several spliced ​​elements, or the manufacturer hid cheap material under the external finish.

Glazing. If you choose models with glass inserts, you need to know what type of glass is installed. Proven manufacturers use impact-resistant glass that is difficult to break. It shatters into sharp fragments from severe damage, which is vital if children are in the house.

Heat and sound insulation. How to choose doors with the best sound insulation is described in detail in another article.

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Selection of wooden doors by material

Deciduous varieties (cherry, oak, beech, alder, ash) and conifers (pine) are often used for interior paintings.

Oak doors are the most durable. They are distinguished by record sound insulation, resistance to decay, and water and steam. Not sensitive to deformation from impacts. Ash is not inferior in strength to oak, distinguished by the highest cost.

Pine models are budgetary, less durable, but outwardly very attractive options. The premium segment is represented by mahogany and Zebrano products.

Another article describes the distinctive advantages of solid wood doors in more detail. This will help you make the right choice of a wooden door.

Nuances that are important to consider when choosing wooden interior doors

The thickness of the sheet should be between 30mm and 45mm.

Which wooden doors to choose depends on the place of their installation – alder is suitable for baths and kitchens – this is the record holder for resistance to high humidity. Walnut and pine models do not rot and have good durability. But they are sensitive to temperature extremes and changes in moisture. For this reason, pine products are appropriate to choose for installation in rooms with low humidity: living room, nursery, bedroom.

Specify what is inside – be careful (!) Not only solid wood models are called wooden interior doors, but also other products that include wood.

Wooden ones include:

Solid wood. Made of furniture boards and carefully dried boards of the first grade. It is about the choice of such structures that we talk about in this article.

Chipboard. It is based on particle boards. They are resistant to decay and temperature extremes. Unlike solid wood, chipboard has poor sound insulation and low strength.

Fiberboard. The canvases are made of particle boards – wood fibers are joined by natural lignin glue. It is a safe and environmentally friendly material, the surface of which is often decorated with exquisite patterns.

Interior doors can have a wood imitation finish. Used as a coating:

Veneer – a thin cut of expensive wood externally accurately conveys the pattern and texture of the wood but is less durable. Often, walnut, ash, rosewood, Zebrano are used to manufacture veneer.

Eco-veneer is an artificial analog of natural veneer. It is made of wood fibers connected with polymer resin. Its main advantage is higher strength than natural veneer.

Laminating is the thinnest paper (no more than 0.8 mm), protected by synthetic resins. Possesses increased resistance to moisture changes. The form imitates in detail the texture and shades of natural wood. Models under laminate will cost about 30-70% less than veneered products.

Two types of interior doors are installed:

Panelboards – they consist of a frame sheathed with wood. The interior is filled with soundproofing material.

Paneled – at the heart of the design is a frame filled inside with decorative inserts (panels). As a rule, the panels are made of the same wood as the door frame. They can be concave, convex, with decorative edging.

The choice of wooden doors – let’s summarize.

Wood models are more expensive than analogs, but their price is fully justified by excellent performance:

  • Environmental friendliness. Doors are made of natural materials, do not emit toxins, do not cause allergies.
  • Respectable appearance. The wood has a natural pattern and deep texture. From the assortment, you can choose a model that will look harmonious on any building facade or in the interior.
  • Long-term operation. The wood is treated with antiseptics, antifungal compounds, and fire retardants. They can withstand unfavorable operating conditions for a long time.
  • Durability and reliability. Hard rocks have elastic, flexible bonds between fibers. They provide a high level of strength and stability.
  • Maintainability. The durability of wood products depends on regular and careful maintenance. The outer surface of the canvases needs restoration and renovation. This will keep the original attractive appearance.
  • Wooden doors are the optimal solution for installation. If you decide to choose wooden doors, rest assured that they will last for many years.