How to Deal with Freelance Translators on MarsHub?

The rise of globalization over the past decade, along with the pandemic, has contributed greatly to the emergence of advanced tools and methods in the translation sector. Companies are demanding more qualified translators to handle their global brand translations. However, hiring expert translators and working with them is quite different from your in-house employees. 

The latest cloud-based localization management platforms come with in-built freelance communities that make it easier for project managers to handle their translation work. MarsHub is a professional localization project management platform with a dedicated freelance marketplace. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to find the appropriate vendors for your project and how to work with freelancers to get the best results. 

How to find suitable linguists? 

On MarsHub, you can assign your translation work directly to a professional linguist, without leaving the platform. However, choosing a suitable resource is critical to meet the translation requirements. Here are some important factors that you must keep in mind while hiring a freelance translator. 

Industry experience 

It is important to consider how many years of experience a translator has in the industry. The higher the number of experiences, the better your translators can understand the requirements and provide the desirable results. Hiring an experienced resource also reduces your chances of mistakes and translation blunders. 


It is not the experience but the relevant experience that matters the most. Look for a freelance translator who has experience in your business domain. Similarly, they must have good expertise and fluency in your required language pairs. It would be even better if you hire a native translator to generate more qualitative, accurate, and culturally appropriate translations. 

Time of availability 

Based on the geographical location of translations, their time of availability may vary. You should hire someone working in the same time zone as yours, so you don’t have any issues communicating with them. It would be better if your freelancers and in-house team are working at the same hours. So they can collaborate with each other in real time. 


Budget is also an important thing to consider while hiring a freelance resource. For instance, if you are a small-scale business, you can’t afford a high-profile freelance linguist. So, looking at your budget, you hire the best possible candidate out there. 

Ratings and reviews 

To get an idea about the credibility and work ethics of a freelancer, you can always see their profile ratings and reviews. Freelancers with high ratings are those who provide good quality outcomes, in time, without causing any stress to their clients. Freelancers who are newly registered may not have a good rating because of their less exposure to the platform. 

Managing freelance translators

Once you have hired suitable translators from the MarsHub cloud-based localization management platform, the next step is to manage your freelance resources effectively. Here is how you do it. 

Assign realistic deadlines 

If you want your freelance translators to work comfortably on your project, you must give them a fair amount of time to do each task. Strict deadlines constantly put your translators under pressure which has a direct effect on their quality of work. Keep the deadlines flexible if you can, it will allow your translators to be more creative and dedicated to every task at hand. 

Provide translation glossaries 

If you want to get the best translation results, you must work with your translators to gain some perspective and context of their brand translation project. For this, you can create translation glossaries. These glossaries contain all the data and information that your linguists would need to translate your brand’s content more effectively, accurately, and consistently. 

Clearly converse the requirements 

Have a one-to-one conversation with your translator about the translation project. Take some time to communicate your concerns and expectations from the translation outcome. It is important to get your freelancers on the same grounds, so they can put their undivided efforts into your translation goals. 

Translation quality checks 

Once you get the final translation outcome from your freelance resources, it’s time to check the quality of the translation. No matter how experienced your translators are, there are still chances of errors in the content. To be on the safe side, get your translated documents proofread by an expert translation editor. Your brand translations are going to shape your brand identity in a foreign market, you can afford to make even minor mistakes that can risk the credibility of your brand. 

Final Verdict!

When you have a dedicated freelance marketplace on your localization project management platform, it makes things easier, more convenient, and more seamless for your businesses. However, hiring and handling freelance translators for your project management is super easy through MarsHub. Make sure to follow the guidelines provided in this post to effectively manage your freelance resources and have an effortless translation management journey.