How to Define and Shape Your Eyebrows Like a Professional

The eyes are the most important facial feature. As far as makeup is concerned, brows have taken center stage. There has been the invention of microblading, microneedling, brow tinting, and so on. 

Full, defined brows are more in demand than ever. Whether your brows are naturally coarse or have been over-plucked, flawlessly shaped and groomed brows are achievable.

Defining your brows is a must-do technique that can transform the appearance of your entire face. Eyebrows frame your eyes and can make you look furious, exhausted, and old, or soft, youthful, and relaxed, depending on their shape.

You can produce the most attractive appearance for your face by knowing the proper procedures and strategies for shaping your brows. Definition to the brows is what eyelash extension is to the eyelash. Eyelash extensions give your lashes volume and personality. In the same way, the definition makes your brows stand out.

So, before you start bringing out the tweezers and targeting every single hair, brush up on your skills and polish your technique.

Understand That Eyebrow Shapes Are Different

You cannot define and shape your brows if you don’t know that eyebrow shapes differ. Eyebrows are not one-size-fits-all. What looks great on your closest friend or favorite star may not be the greatest shape for you.

Before you begin, have a clear knowledge of the shape of your brows. This will help you achieve the greatest results. You don’t need to visit the best brow studio or have the best brow artist do this for you.

Determine Your Face Shape

While it’s always best to work with your brows’ natural shape, you should also consider your face type to obtain the most appealing appearance.

While everyone’s brows are unique, they all fall into one of six groups. They might be hard-angled, S-shaped, soft-angled, straight, or rounded. 

Brows for Oval Faces

Because the oval face is known for its versatility, various brow shapes look fantastic on it. However, avoid overly arched or overly straight brows. so you may play around with different shapes until you find something that works for you

Brows for Square Faces

If you are square-faced, strive to balance your look by having soft brows with a smooth arch. Square faces have more notable features, such as a pointed chin and pointy cheekbones. 

With this in mind, go for a gentle arch that complements your face’s angles. Flat brows with little curves can make your head appear shorter, whilst round brows will contrast too much with the proportions of your face.

Brows for Round Faces

For folks with round faces, it’s important to keep your brows from being overly thin or too thick. 

If your cheekbones are the widest feature of your face and you have a rounded chin, you have a round face shape. It is best to have an arch in your brow if you have rounder features. A sharp point in your brows is an excellent approach to introducing unique structures to your face without detracting from the beauty of your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Also, for the finest appearance, make sure that the beginning and end of your brows are in line with an arch in between. 

If your face is long, try for somewhat thicker brows that aren’t overly long or arched.

How to Shape Thick Brows

It can be burdensome when you have naturally thick brows. But even if it may take some effort to shape and maintain your brows, the good thing is that your brows will naturally have a full and thick appearance. 

You can groom your bushy brows by marking out and plucking hairs where your brow begins. You can achieve this with either eyebrow waxing or brow tweezing.

Then, smooth up any stray strands across the top of your brow, making sure that your arch is in the right spot. 

Repeat the process on the other brow and make sure they are even and matching. Finally, to get a nicely groomed appearance, clip any strands that are longer than the rest.

How to Shape Sparse Brows

With thin brows, it will be difficult to obtain beautiful and full-looking brows. However, it’s not impossible. You may think it wise to leave your thin brows unkempt in order to make the most of every strand. This will simply result in a messy appearance. 

Instead, to achieve a charming appearance, carefully groom and fill in your brows. To begin, use some brow gel to flatten your strands to make shaping easier. 

Using tweezers, straighten up any stray strands beneath your brow and carefully cut any long strands. If you need to trim up the top of your brow, use an eyebrow razor very carefully. Finally, use a pencil to fill in your brows.

Hair Removing Techniques

Whether you have full, thick brows, or sparse, thin brows, you will need to remove brow strands occasionally. Here are some common techniques that you can use. 

  • Eyebrow waxing this involves the use of wax to get rid of stray hairs. It clears the surrounding areas and gives your brows a clean and sleek look.
  • Eyebrow Tweezing To avoid breakage, tweeze any hairs that are outside of your desired form from the root. However, proceed slowly and avoid over-plucking. Because this approach is time-consuming and painful, it is best for women who only need to remove a small amount of hair and appreciate precision.
  • Eyebrow Threading Eyebrow threading is more exact than waxing and usually less painful since it employs small, twisted cotton threads to capture and draw out strands in a neat, straight line.

Guidelines for Filling your Brows

  • Brush your brow hairs up with a spoolie. Arrange it the way you want it to be. This will make the sparse areas visible.
  • Apply brow powder to your stiff angled brush and gently draw hair-like strokes.
  • Work your way upwards and make sure the strokes follow the natural strands.
  • Add more strokes in sparse areas to fill it up.
  • Use a lighter powder shade for the beginning and transition to a darker shade as you get to the middle.
  • To keep the strands in place for long, use an eyebrow gel. Carefully apply it over your brows, so you don’t smear the powder.
  • Use a highlighter and a concealer one shade lighter than your skin for more definition. This will also cover stray hair strands.


Although there are professional brow techniques like microblading, microneedling, brow tinting, and brow waxing, you can tend to your brows yourself. 

You can achieve the perfect look for your brows by practicing more often. Understand your face and brow shape, and define your eyebrow accordingly.