How to do SEO for a Blog?

Blogging is the evergreen trend for marketing and promotion. If you have a blog then, you surely understand its importance in the business world. Several people start a blog but, it never provides them with the desired result. And we know that you don’t want to become one of them.

Starting a blog may be something which every writer or marketer should have tried once. However, making your blog posts search engine friendly is a different story. There are many SEO companies in Delhi which perform this tough task for the aspiring bloggers and organizations.

You can do it on your own. Yes, there are ways through which anyone can make a blog post SEO friendly and get that popularity. Want to know more about it? Ok, we are discussing a few tips that can help in making your blog noticeable on search engines through SEO.

  1. Focus on a few Long-tail Keywords:

Don’t stuff up your blog with too many keywords. Search engines don’t consider it a good sign so; it can hurt your blog’s SEO. Consider using only the keywords which match with the intent of your readers. Try to use keywords in a manner that they didn’t appear to be forcefully stuffed just for the sake of high ranking. Apart from search engines, it can also irritate your readers, and you can lose them forever.

Use only 1 or 2 long-tail keywords in one blog. In this way, you would attract the readers who have specific goals matching to your blogs. It will help you in generating the right type of traffic for your blog.

  1. Include the Keywords in the Specific Parts of Blog:

Now, the next step after getting the right keywords is to incorporate them into your blog. What should be the ideal place for these keywords to get high ranking?  Try to include it into the title tag, headers, and body, URL or Meta description. Want to know why? Read then.

Title Tag: The headline is your title tag which is the first thing any reader or Google notice about your blog. Google takes the first 60 characters of your title for checking the relevance. So, try to add the keyword there for popularity.

Headers and Body: You should include some keywords in the headers and body of your content. Ensure to use them in a natural and reader-friendly way. Make them a part of the article.

URL: Optimize your URLs by using keywords into them. Search engines also check the relevance of any post by checking its URL. Your URL should display clearly about the topic of your post.

Meta Description: The Meta descriptions help the searchers to know about your content. This description plays a highly important role in deciding whether a person will click on your link or not. So, you should not forget to add the keywords to it.

  1. Make your Blog Mobile Friendly:

People use search engines more from their mobile phones rather than a desktop. Considering this, Google gives priority to mobile-friendly websites while displaying search results. Hence, you should make your blog website mobile friendly.

You should use “responsive design” to complete this task. The websites that are responsive to mobile have one URL for the blog post instead of two. This will enhance your ranking as your site won’t be divided between two different links. Hence, it will increase the value of your blog.

  1. Optimize alt Text of Images:

Images from an important part of any blog post. The use of relevant images makes the post more interactive and entertaining. Of course, nobody would love to read plain black and white texts devoid of pictures. Search engines judge the relevance of any post on the basis of images as well. But, they look for images with alt text.

Search engines use the alt text to check the relevance of the images as they can’t see it as humans. It is also better for users as they can take the assistance of alt texts when the images don’t appear on the page due to any issues. You should use accurate words in the alt text to give a hint of the image’s topic. These alt texts will provide your blog with an edge over the other blogs that are not optimized for alt texts.

  1. Give Readers an Opportunity of Subscription:

Making a bond with your readers is an essential part of blogging. Readers love to read from a specific person or website due to their writing style or any other quality. Give your readers an opportunity to connect with you by placing the RSS or Feed subscription buttons.

It will make your readers aware of your new blogs as they can get regular notifications after subscribing. Your blog will be more authentic with regular subscribers. You can build a direct connection with the people who love to read your work. Don’t let them forget about your blog as there are many other writers writing on the same topics using various techniques. Thus, connecting with your readers through subscription will give you a high ranking.

  1. Use Social Media to broaden your Blog Post’s Reach:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are strong tools for promotions. You should use them to promote your blogs as you can find many potential readers and customers from here.

Hence, post links or conduct polls etc. related to your blogs on social media platforms to increase the reach.  Interacting with your audience will make you aware of their needs, and you can write accordingly in the future. Hire an SEO company in Delhi for assistance in social media promotions. They will make proper social media plans which can help you in achieving the desired results.

Thus, your blog can also rock just like others if you will follow these tips. Remember that, consistency is the key to everything. Do the efforts regularly then no one can stop you!