How to Download Instagram Videos In Down? (5 Easy Methods)

Do you want to Download Instagram stories without making so much effort? If yes, you must opt for an authentic and reliable way, and it is In down. Yes, it allows users to download their videos from Instagram effortlessly and use them per their needs. If you use in down, you do not need to depend on another party to ease the complexity of the downloading process. You can perform it yourself due to its simplicity.

Let’s understand more about 5 easy methods to download Instagram videos without much effort:

Choose your desired video to download

It is the fundamental step of the entire process of downloading. You must know what you need to download and how you will do it. For this purpose, you must explore the Instagram platform and find out the videos for download purposes. After selecting the video, click the three dots on the top right. The menu will pop up, and here, you need to click on “Copy link”. This activity will copy your video to your clipboard gallery.

Copy the link

To copy the link to the video, you need to click on the three dots shown on the video post and choose the option “copy link”. It will save the link to your clipboard gallery. This way, you can easily copy the link to your desired videos.

Use to paste the links.

After completing copying the link, you can paste the same into in down. You need to open the in down and search the “download” tab. Then, paste the link to the text field, and you will notice your video start downloading. You can perform this entire activity easily using, as it is the most reliable and simple tool for downloading Instagram stories.

Tap the download tab.

After pasting the link in in down, the next step is to tap on the “download” button. It will quickly start the downloading process. Save the videos to the device and choose your format for converting the videos like mp3, etc. All you need to do is choose the option from the dropdown menu and click on it. One more thing to notice is that all Instagram videos are safe and protected under some copyrights. So, you need to get the content creator’s permission, and then you can start downloading.

Use the video as per your needs.

After completing the downloading process of your desired videos, you can use them as per your needs. You can even share those downloaded videos with your near and dear ones. Also, you can use them to share on your social media accounts. Here, you can choose in down to download your videos and enjoy your moments with full efficiency.


If you want to download any video from Instagram, you can follow the above 5 methods. All these methods are easy and quick. So you can adopt them without any worry. You can also use the in down tool to easily and comfortably get your desired videos.