How To Dress For Comfort With Style

Finding the right clothes to maintain your style and stay comfortable is tricky. There is a delicate balance between looking too cozy and casual and feeling too dressed up! Deciding what this balance looks like and feels like for you will take personal inquiry and consideration into the different looks and trends you’re working with this year. To help you get started, here are some suggestions on how to blend comfort with style!

Wear Multifunctional Clothing

With more people working in hybrid work environments, it is common to see people wearing clothes that work for the office and the workout room! Look for multifunctional clothing if this is your kind of style and reflects your lifestyle. You can easily consider these combinations for casual wear and office attire. 

You might also consider clothing that is already versatile such as black leggings and oversized cardigans, a t-shirt bra, and black joggers. Think about how your style can be embedded into serving multiple purposes with your clothing and create new looks that are as unique as you are!  

six women's white dresses hanging on hangers

Find Your Go-To’s

Everyone has a different style. A big part of one’s style stems from understanding what clothing combinations feel most comfortable to them. While we all might strive to wear the latest trends, even these attempts are balanced with our comfortability to wear trends that accompany our natural inclinations to style in specific ways. 

It is crucial to figure out which clothing items keep you the most comfortable so that when you start incorporating trends, you can do so in ways that feel good to you. For example, if you like a stretch to your clothing, you might stay clear of fibrous materials that lack room to move about.

You might choose jeggings over jeans. There are tons of ways you can implement your comfort while still being in line with today’s fashion trends. 

Get Custom Styles

You can work with a personal stylist or a company online to help you create looks explicitly tailored to your needs in mind. Whether you want to add more comfort to your look or create authentic styles with professional guidance, you can easily blend comfort with style by using one of these services. 

Be Strategic About Footwear

Finding the best footwear options to blend comfort with style takes awareness into the type of shoes your feet feel the most comfortable in. You might like the balance of weight distribution in your boots rather than your heels, as one example. 

Everyone likes something different in footwear— that’s why there are so many different shoe options to choose from!

Consider the footwear that you wear regularly and then decide which types of shoes make you the most comfortable. Do all of this while also considering your style and how formally you need to dress. 

Wear Breathable Fabrics

Even if you’re wearing a fancy dress, you can still include more comfort by choosing clothing made from breathable fabrics. For example, you might wear a pair of linen beach pants and a blouse to a summer event. 

This floral look is just as comfortable as a pair of sweats! See how you can incorporate fabrics into your looks to stay more comfortable while remaining fashionable wherever you go! 

The Bottom Line

Dressing for comfort with style involved is easier than you think. Review the suggestions above as you work to blend comfort with style in your outfits this year! Consider the implications that dictate each outfit you wear, and how you can incorporate customized stylings as well as fabric and footwear to make your looks work for you on every occasion.