How to find the pillow that is right for you?

A pillow has one primary purpose: it’s a place to rest your head. No matter what you sleep on a wooden sofa or beds, you will always need pillows. Your preference will determine the firmness of the pillow you use. There are pillows on the market which range from ultra-firm to ultra-soft. I hope this will help you to find how the pillow is right for you. 

Pillow Size

Just like your pillow’s firmness is a personal preference, so is its size. It’s size also depends on your wooden sofa or bed size. Long pillows add an extra few inch to what a normal has to offer. It can make it feel as though you’re not sleeping on a pillow at all but rather on a long, soft bar that is part of the bed.

Short pillows are preferred by those who like to have more control over positioning. It allows people to keep their mouth and nose off the end of the pillow, making it easier for them to breathe. Some have also used short pillows to wedge between their knees at night.

Some people prefer to have long pillows that span the length of the beds. Also known as body pillows, these are very popular and give you something to cuddle up to at night.

Pillow Types

Pillow is essential to everyone. Everyone wants something which they feel comfortable putting their heads on at night. 

  • Cotton: The most common material for pillows (made from natural fibers) are cotton pillows. It is effortless to find and provide an excellent, soft platform on which to rest. 
  • Silk: Some people are allergic to cotton, however, or want something that feels more luxurious. For that, there are silk pillows available. These are pillows that generally need no cover on them unless you want to put a pillowcase or a pillow sham on them. Some feel that silk is the perfect greeting to a sleepyhead, and anything that covers it is essentially robbing the sleeper of that comfort. It’s also worth mentioning that the less a pillow is covered, the faster it will wear out.
  • Feather: It may not consume as much heat. It is made from duck down or goose. It gives you comfort and undisturbed sleep.
  • Air-Filled: If you are travelling or moving for a long time. You need to sleep at that time. It would help if you had a pillow. A regular pillow takes too much space, so that you can use an air-filled pillow.
  • Water-Filled: In the hospital or for any patients who need extra care for those design pillow. You can set their firmness according to your preference by maintaining the water level. It’s the outside cover made with cotton or polyester.
  • Buckwheat: It is filled with tiny dry seeds, so it’s called a plant-based pillow. Many people think that it gives us comfort in our head and neck. On the other hand, many people believe that it is too noisy because movement creates sounds.