How to Grow Healthy and Strong Trees in Your Yard?

Trees need special care and attention so that they can grow healthy and strong. You should properly examine them regularly and make sure that there are no signs of damage. You should provide necessary nutrients and water, do tree trimming Omaha and pruning, call an arborist twice a year to do a thorough inspection and prevent trees from pests.

Here, in this article, we are going to describe various tips to take care of trees in your yard:

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Tree Watering

You should provide water immediately after planting a new tree. Watering a new plant will help in settling soil and deliver moisture to the roots of the plant. It is important to keep the roots of the new plant moist so that it can start growing well. You should provide water with the gardening hose and make sure that the soil remains moist.

The new plants need more water as compared to old and fully grown trees. Therefore, you should provide less water to old and mature trees. Make sure that you do not overwater your trees to prevent roots from rotting.


You should mulch new trees immediately after planting them. It is important to mulch new trees to prevent them from high temperatures-moreover, mulch helps in isolating tree roots from extreme atmospheric temperature. Moreover, mulch also protects new trees from mowing equipment.

Mulching is also important for old trees. It helps in keeping roots moist during the summer season. It is recommended to spread much around 3 inches of your tree. You can use wood chips and pieces as much. Always keep in mind that mulch should not touch the trunk of the tree.

Remove Weeds Around Tree

Weeds can take away essential nutrients and water of trees and make it difficult for them to grow strong. Therefore, you should clear weeds around trees to ensure their healthy growth. You should clear unwanted grass around 3 to 10 feet around the trees. You can use a rake to get rid of unwanted grass or weed around the.

Get Rid of Dead Branches

The dead or diseased branches should be removed because they affect the healthy growth of the tree. When the dead and disease branches of the tree are removed, then nutrients and water are re-distributed that encourage desired tree growth. You can either DIY or take the help of renowned Tree Service Hayward CA providers.

Do Not Excessively Prune Trees

Tree trimming pruning can help in encouraging healthy growth of trees, but it is important to appropriately prune your trees. You should use only those trees that are more than three years old. Your tree must have enough leaf space for the first few years. You should prune only dead branches of the tree during the first three years of the tree.

Later on, you can prune your tree to give them the desired shape. When trees in your yard are three years old, then you should call an arborist once a year for the pruning. It is recommended that you should prune your trees during the winter season when trees are dormant. You should cut out those branches that are going out of shape.

Cut Outside Collar Branch

While cutting tree branches, you should never leave stubs behind. The stubs can put your tree in the risk of pest and insect infestation. Thus, if you want to prevent your tree from diseases after cutting tree branches, then never leave an open wound.

While cutting tree branches, always keep in mind that you should make a cut where collar bone ends. The branch collar forms a connection between the tree branch and the main section of the tree.

The branch collar is raised and a volcano-shaped section that forms a bridge between a tree branch and the main tree. You should never make a cut that flushes with a tree. You can also rake the help of professionals such as tree lopping Sydney contractors.

Cut Out Sprouts

You should cut our sprouts that are growing from the base of the tree. Another name for sprout is sucker because they steal away essential nutrients and water from the rest of the tree. It affects the growth of the tree. Therefore, it is recommended to cut-out shoots that are creating a problem in the healthy growth of the tree.

You can cut these sprouts with the help of sharp pruning shears. You should cut these thin sprouts close to the trunk. If it is difficult to cut the sprouts with pruning shear, then you can use loppers to cut them.

Final Words:

Trees are a vital part of our environment. You should take care of them and contribute your efforts in maintaining ecological balance. The above-mentioned tips will help to prevent trees in your yard.