How to Insulate a Roof with Projected Insulation

Significant reduction of cold in homes

If we look at the typology of our homes, we realize that both collective buildings in blocks and, sometimes, independent or single-family homes have roof areas exposed to the outside. It is then necessary to make thermal roof insulation.

In collective housing (blocks of flats) it is common for the lower part of the houses on the first floor to coincide with commercial premises, garages, arcades or that are directly exposed to the exterior. This makes them very cold in winter season, since the cold will easily enter through those roofs. The floors of these houses are ceilings at the bottom and will be cold. To address this issue and improve insulation, one effective method for insulating commercial metal roofs is provided on this website:

In independent or single-family dwellings it may be that this type of roof coincides with a garage or cellar; or, directly, in a sanitary floor that elevates the structure of the house from contact with the land.

For this typology of houses, the solution of insulation by means of projection on the roofs of those outside or unheated areas is very practical and efficient.

Characteristics of the projected insulation

The projected thermal insulation can be of 2 types: wet projection and projected rigid polyurethane projection.

The wet projection is the application of insulating materials. They require to be moistened with water so that they adhere to the support to apply, since once dry they cause the setting of the material. The highest quality materials are:


  • It is obtained from the recycling of unused newspaper, to which natural additives are added
  • Low thermal conductivity – 0.039 w / mk
  • High thermal resistance
  • Good fire behavior – Euro class B
  • High acoustic absorption – 0.70-090 alpha
  • Very high specific heat – 2110 joules
  • Very high thermal gap
  • Non-hydrophilic – Bad behavior against water

Thermal rock wool mortar:

  • It is obtained from the heating of basaltic rocks
  • Low thermal conductivity – 0.038 w / mk
  • High thermal resistance)
  • Exceptional fire behavior – Euro class A1
  • Very good acoustic behavior – 0.70-090 alpha
  • Under specific heat – 825 joules
  • Low thermal gap
  • Hydrophilic – Does not absorb water and does not rot

Supafil system JETSPRAY:

  • Low thermal conductivity – 0.034 w / mk
  • Ecologically, it reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Not combustible Euroclass A1 certificate.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Water-repellent – Barrier against moisture.
  • Clean, does not serve as nutritional support to fungi or bacteria.

Projection of rigid polyurethane is the application technique of polyurethane thermal insulation product. It is a product of Bi component insulation (Polyol + isocyanate) that, applied at a certain temperature, offers great thermal performance and adhesion on any support and thickness. Characteristics of polyurethane:

  • Exceptional thermal conductivity – 0.028w / mk
  • Exceptional thermal resistance
  • Low fire behavior – Euro class E
  • It does not have acoustic benefits
  • Under specific heat – 575 joules
  • Hydrophilic – Exceptional behavior against water or humidity

The main aim for having this board installed is to make sure that thermal energy is correctly controlled. Thermal energy refers to the proper – or desired – temperature control inside buildings for maximum comfort under different temperatures and weather conditions. Heat flow is caused when temperatures in a definite area differ. In its most simple form thermal insulation helps to control conditions such as heat and cold in a building.

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