How to Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Life

If you’ve ever woken up to a crazy morning with a full to-do list to get to and not enough time to get to it, you might be looking for ways to bring some peace and calm into your life. Hectic personal and work schedules and mounting responsibilities can make it tough to appreciate the beauty of the world around you, which can serve to compound stress and exhaustion. You don’t have to stay stressed, though. Whether by taking a day off to ride city bikes through your town or just by spending a few minutes outlining your goals for the day first thing in the morning, you can easily integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

Spend More Time Admiring Nature

When your job involves being cooped up inside an office all day, it’s not hard to start feeling disconnected from nature or trapped indoors. Appreciating the natural world around you, though, can help you feel calm and more grounded. There are plenty of ways you can take a time out and revel in the beauty around you, for instance:

  • Eating meals in your backyard or on your patio
  • Going on a camping trip
  • Stargazing
  • Walking to work and enjoying the view

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Start Each Morning By Organizing Your Priorities

Thinking about an entire week’s worth of tasks all at once is overwhelming to even the most disciplined people. Instead of waking up and immediately panicking about everything you have to get done, it may be helpful to spend some time organizing your priorities. After a minute or two spent concentrating on taking deep, calming breaths, grab a notepad and outline a rough plan for your most pressing tasks. This combination can help you clear your head and stay laser-focused all at once.

Remind Yourself of Your Values and Intentions Every Day

Part of mindfulness is being aware of your values and intentions and checking in regularly to help keep yourself on track. Without clear ideas of what matters to you, it becomes all too easy to let mundane chores take over, and more important goals can fade into the background. The best way to practice intentional mindfulness is to review your goals every day – for example, start your day by thinking about your plans to be more patient or eat healthier. Also remind yourself that it’s ok to get off track sometimes. As long as you’re aware of, for instance, what caused a sudden mood change, you can start to overcome that obstacle and remind yourself of what it is you’re working towards.

You might think you don’t have time every day to stop and smell the roses, but integrating mindfulness into your daily habits can add a lot of value to your quality of life. From spending extra time in the great outdoors to practicing meditation and deep breathing, it can be easy to adopt soothing habits that allow you to enjoy life more. Grab a bike, get the family together and start exploring your world today.