How To Lounge In Style: 4 Loungewear Trends For 2022

Perhaps, fashion might be one of those enigmatic things. Because despite how straightforward it is, it isn’t limited to a single idea. And to have a style truly stick, there are multiple factors involved, such as colors, fabric material, and design and patterns. 

Loungewear, for instance. While it’s designed to achieve maximum comfort, this style still considers these factors as well. After all, why not combine style and comfort? 

And maybe, you’re curious about how to lounge in style. In that case, this article outlines some of the ways you can explore various loungewear trends this 2022.

  1. Aim For Silhouette

If anyone asks you to describe loungewear, among the first things that might come to mind are either ‘soft’ or ‘innocuous’. After all, it can probably be a head-scratcher to imagine how anyone could look ‘alluring’ and stylish while wearing a hoodie and a pair of relaxed pants. But little did you know, you’re just scratching the surface of the loungewear fashion.

Since it’s one of the styles that have consistent popularity nowadays, loungewear brands are experimenting with their designs to widen their range and introduce more variety and style. From what they’ve been designing, it’s easy to spot how appealing some of these pieces are. Some of our favorites include Free City sweatpants, and other cute loungewear. Alternative options include buttoned ribbed cardigans and button-down shirts can work as an outfit you can wear while enjoying a good book in bed or have them on when traveling as a stylish tourist. 

And perhaps, you’re looking to spend the summer in style by wearing something loose-fitting yet creating an elegant and flattering silhouette. In such a case, one can never go wrong with sporting Natori’s luxury caftans or a pair of flare leggings. And despite how different these pieces are, it’d be easy to visualize them getting worn on the runway.

  1. Dress In Bold Hues

Since loungewear emphasizes comfort, it somehow got the reputation of being limited to ‘cozy’ alone. For that reason, older loungewear clothing generally uses a softer color scheme such as pastel or muted shades. And while some developed a preference for those colors, one can’t deny the appeal of bolder colors that exude energy just by looking at them.

But today, multiple colors are being considered to create a fresher and livelier palette that can boost one’s overall look. And along with these colors are gorgeous patterns encompassing the entire article of clothing, such as floral, butterflies, tie-dye, etc. While these are often seen more on beach outfits, it won’t be surprising anymore once these patterns get to be incorporated in summer dresses or even sweaters.

So, if you’re gunning for an energetic day despite being in the middle of the cold, go with vibrant colors for a splash of cheerful hues. On the other hand, for those who are looking forward to a chill day ahead, cool or muted colors would be perfect for you.

  1. Contrast Your Clothing Fitting Combinations 

While the objective of loungewear style is to offer you optimum comfort, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish. There are ways you can sport a comfortable look while looking and feeling fashionable. And among the things you can do is contrast your combinations. 

Lucky for you, the combinations that generally complement loungewear the most aren’t complicated. All you have to do is ensure your outfit consists of opposite pieces in terms of how their fittings are. So, if you’re wearing a baggy top, make sure your lower half is fitted to the shape of your body. The same applies to a loose lower half. But in this case, you can also turn up your sleeves. This way, you can show off your accessories while giving length to your arms.

  1. Experiment With Different Fabrics

Because of how many designs and loungewear fashion brands are available today, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of options. And perhaps, decision fatigue can be overwhelming that, in some cases, you tend to find yourself returning to your usual set of clothes. And while they’re guaranteed to be at par with your tastes, experimenting with your style once in a while can be good, too.

One of the things you could play around with is their material. Because as crucial as designs are, the material used on loungewear is also important as it plays a significant role in your comfort. Although multiple materials are used in fashion, loungewear is generally limited to the following:

  • Silk
  • Fleece
  • Wool
  • Cotton

Most of these materials are meant to be breathable yet sustainable. And so, opting for loungewear using these materials can guarantee you a comfortable yet stylish day. Consider trying one type of fabric at a time at first, and continue exploring the others to introduce some variety to your wardrobe.

Why Choose Loungewear?

Loungewear can be so much fun. It’s an efficient way to dress up. It’s comfortable. And not to mention, it can be iconic if done right. So, it’d be easy to say that loungewear can be a fantastic opening for those interested in fashion, especially considering how fun it would be to mix and match pieces when it’s comfortable and within your budget.

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