How to Pick a Reputable Vehicle Shipping Company

When you want to move your vehicle to a different location, it can be an overwhelming and stressful task. Finding the best shipping company is important in ensuring your car arrives at the new destination safely and on time. However, there are many transportation companies in the market today. You cannot choose your shipping company randomly if you want to move a car to a new city or state. Before buying a car, make sure you have the best shipping company. This article explains the top guidelines to help you find a qualified car transportation company.

Do Proper Research 

This is your first step when choosing a suitable car transportation company. Although they are many, you cannot choose any and trust that they will do a perfect job. Instead, find a shipping company that has a great reputation. Read online reviews, comments, and testimonials. Also, find out how the company is rated. These details are available on many websites and can be a valuable resource when choosing the best car moving company. Here in the US and Canada there are quite a few international car shipping companies like UHaul International and International Van Lines that are highly experienced in moving cars, trucks, vans and SUVs to a different location within the entire country.


Your close friends, business associates, and colleagues can help you find a good shipping company if they have used one before. If their experience was good and the company met their standards, these people will recommend the shipping company. 

Recommendations from trustworthy people are a valuable resource in selecting the right car shipping company.

Ask For Multiple Quotes

Before hiring a shipping company, make sure you ask for different quotations. Car moving charges differ depending on your chosen company and the distance to be covered. However, getting different quotes helps you to get an average price for transporting a car to hawaii. When getting different quotes, provide accurate details about the car. This includes the car type, model, and year it was manufactured. This enables you to get the most accurate quote for shipping.

Consider Licensing and Insurance

It’s important to choose a car transportation company that is licensed, insured, and bonded. You’ll have peace that your vehicle is safe and protected during transport. You should also check the insurance policy to ensure your car is fully covered during transportation. That way, in case an accident happens, the transportation company will compensate you for the damages or losses.

Inquire About the Transportation Method

The main transportation methods for vehicles are either open or closed. If you choose an available transportation method, your vehicle is moved by an open trailer. For closed transportation, your car is moved into an enclosed trailer. The difference is that enclosed transportation is costly but provides your car with the best protection. It is ideal when transporting classic and luxurious vehicles. Always discuss the transportation method with the company before hiring them. Also, make sure they can work within your budget. If you want to transporting a car to hawaii, find the best company within your budget. 

Also, discuss the payment method with your transportation company. Different companies ask for a deposit upfront and the balance to pay upon delivery. So before signing the contract, read the terms and understand if they are acceptable.