How To Protect A Comforter From Pets

Pets can be a real pain, especially if you are in a situation where you need a good night’s sleep but your pets have taken over your room and you don’t want to risk waking up to find them sleeping on your comforter. If you are in this type of situation then I’m here to tell you that yes, you can protect your comforter from pets by not letting them in. How to protect a comforter from pets is very important especially if you are going on vacation or are just in a rush. The last thing you want while you’re on vacation is for your comforter to be soiled because you didn’t protect it.

Duvet Cover

One way to stop pets from ruining your comforter is to use a duvet cover. Duvet covers are big sheets of fabric that you place over your entire comforter. They protect your comforter from pets by not letting them sit directly on the mattress. They come in all sorts of different designs and colors.

Placing a Sheet of Plastic Another way to protect your comforter from pets is to place a sheet of plastic over the entire thing. This works best if you have multiple pets in your home, as it will keep them from sleeping where you don’t want them to. Just lay the sheet of plastic on top of your comforter and it will keep the pet off of your bed. The filling of a comforter is usually soft and pets can sometimes chew them, so placing a sheet of plastic can also prevent them from chewing.

If none of the above tips work, then you need to know how to protect a comforter from a pet stain. If your comforter happens to get stained, this could cause a serious odor problem. You probably won’t be able to get rid of it without needing to replace the entire comforter, so this is something that you will need to take into consideration.

Pet Stains come in all types of different colors. They also come in all types of different sizes as well. As you look at those available on the market, you will probably realize that you will need to purchase more than one comforter to completely cover your entire bed with the stain. There is certainly a cheaper way to deal with the stains, but you will need to have enough extra to cover your entire mattress as well.

Cover the Entire Comforter

One of the best ways of doing this is by laying the cover over the entire comforter. This is a good way of controlling the growth of dust mites and pets. However, you should also consider how big the animal is that your comforter is going to be used by. Smaller dogs can easily fit even inside the smallest bed cover without having any problems. On the other hand, large breeds like dogs can potentially chew through the cover and cause damage to your comforter.

Pets also hate the feel of comforters. They tend to get quite cold during the winter season due to their lack of coverage. Your pet can even get sick from this. This is why it is a good idea to purchase a heated cover for your comforter. Once you have this fitted, all you have to do is to switch on the heater and the comforter will automatically start warming up. So this method could be used as a preventative measure for your comforter. Protecting a comforter from water is another important thing to take note of. Water spills should be cleaned immediately, as they can affect the texture and the appearance of your comforter. Of course, you should only clean the spills when they are not too big. If the spill happens to be bigger, then you should try to absorb the liquid with towels rather than pouring it onto the comforter. If you find that there are still a lot of water spots on your comforter, then it would be advisable to go and remove them yourself.

There are also some precautions you should take if you own cats and dogs. Cats will often chew off the covers so it is best to place them in their crate or pen whenever you are going out. For dogs, you should keep them on a leash or attach a ring to their collar so that they cannot chew off the comforter while you are away.

Zipped Top

Protecting a comforter from pets is not difficult after all. All you have to do is to remember to buy one with a zipped top. Pets are not likely to steal a comforter if they cannot get to the things that they are supposed to be sleeping on. In addition, you should also ensure that the comforter is made out of washable materials.


As you look over all of these tips for how to protect a comforter from pets, you will realize that they are pretty simple. You can get by purchasing a small stain treatment solution, which can be found at any store that carries home furnishings. You should always test out any products that you buy for a few days before you put them on your pets. This way you can determine whether or not it will work. If you discover that it doesn’t work properly then you can return it. This may seem like a hassle, but it is far less costly than replacing your entire comforter. As you can see, it is possible to learn how to protect a comforter from pets without having to spend an outrageous amount of money or purchasing something that won’t work. Pets can easily wreak havoc on your bedding and these little accidents can occur when you aren’t even around. While it is true that you shouldn’t feed your pet food from the comforter, you can do so for short periods. If you have a cat or a dog in the house, you will want to use some type of pet stain treatment product to make sure that your bedding doesn’t end up stained or discolored.

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