How to Purchase Clothes Online for Beginners

Planning to go out this summer or attend a fancy dinner soon?

To dress for success, you might want to purchase clothes online. Online shops may have a larger selection than what your local shops can offer. However, you always run the risk of getting scammed or buying clothes that don’t fit or feel comfortable.

The good news is we’re here with a few tips to help you make the right purchase.

Know Your Exact Measurements

The first step is to know your measurements. As much as possible, don’t get your measurements on your own. Go to a tailor and ask for aid for better accuracy.

Don’t forget to convert the measurements from one system to another. Some shops use the metric system while others rely on the Imperial measurement system.

Keep in mind that measurements change between online clothing stores. The measurements for extra-large shirts and pants in one shop might count as large or medium in another. This is why you need to know your body measurements so you can see where you fit according to their size charts.

Shop From Trusted Stores

Never buy from an online store you don’t know or trust. Fortunately, there are many ways to tell whether you can trust a shop or not.

The first step is to read reviews — we’ll tackle this in-depth below — and check the comments left from previous customers. Look at the shop rating too, especially if you’re on a platform like eBay or Amazon. The higher the rating, the more reliable and trustworthy the shop is.

When inputting your credit card information, look for a padlock symbol in the address bar. This indicates that the site uses updated security measures to prevent hackers from stealing customer information. Without it, you risk exposure while completing a transaction.

Trusted stores often see a lot of traffic. You’ll likely find them on the first page of search results when you look for online clothes stores.

Always Read the Product Description

You can’t touch the clothes you purchase online so you’ll need a few workarounds. For starters, know the materials of the clothes you prefer wearing. Do you want silk or satin when buying clothes for the summer and do you prefer cotton over wool when shopping for jackets?

Once you know your preferences, from the materials of the clothes to the styles you like, check the product description. This will tell you all the details you need. From the size measurements to the materials used and extra details, you’ll find them there.

This will playback into the point of reading reviews. Reviews will tell you if the product description and the image accurately depict the product.

Start Comparing Clothing Prices

Did you know you can save money buying wholesale clothes compared to purchasing them individually? This might not be a practical choice for shirts and jeans but it’s a cheaper option when shopping for neckties, socks, and other cheaper clothing items. For example, you might save cash by buying thirty cuff links instead of purchasing them one by one.

Make it a point to compare prices between shops too.

If you’re on Amazon, for example, two or three different shops might sell the same product. Make it a habit to compare prices and look for the shop that sells the clothes you want at the cheapest price available.

This applies when shopping between different websites too. Some platforms, like Amazon, also offer price-matching. They’ll lower their price to match the cheaper one you found in a different store, ensuring you buy from them instead of sticking with their competition.

Use Discount Vouchers/Coupons

Think you found the clothes you want for the price you can afford? Before you complete the transaction, see if you can get a discount voucher.

These coupons will either grant you a discount on the clothes or cut down on the cost of shipping.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get discount vouchers. You could get one simply for signing up for the shop’s newsletter or for buying multiple items from the same supplier. You may even get a discount coupon from coupon shops and social media platforms.

Never purchase a discount voucher. You never have the guarantee that they’ll work. There’s the possibility you’ll get an expired coupon or one that requires you to spend an incredibly high amount to get a discount.

Read Reviews When You Purchase Clothes Online

When buying clothes, online customer reviews will be your sword and shield.

People rely on reviews for a good reason — you need to purchase a product before you can review it. Shops can’t cheat by paying people to leave positive reviews. They still have to spend and retrieve the item before they can rate and review it.

However, because you’re buying clothes, you’ll need to be extra picky with the reviews. Look for reviews that have pictures or videos. This ensures you can see the product as it appears in hand, and then compare how it looks in the shop.

Don’t forget to do your part too. After buying clothes online, try them on and take photos. Leave a review to help other shoppers looking for good clothes too.

Buy the Best Clothes Online Now

It can seem intimidating to purchase clothes online. You won’t know for sure if the clothes fit or if they’re as comfortable as you hope. However, with these tips, you’ll have a better chance of getting the right clothes and for the right price.

Read reviews, know your measurements, and read the product description. Use vouchers and compare prices to get a better deal.

That said, there is a lot more to know when it comes to purchasing online, whether you’re going for clothes or something else. To discover even more tips and tricks, we advise you to continue checking out our in-depth shopping guides right here, right now!