How to sell online courses using Social Media

Social media is an effective marketing channel for selling your online courses. It’s equally helpful both for acquiring new customers as well as for engaging with existing ones who have already gone through your courses. Social media marketing works well if you want to reinforce other marketing channels such as email or blogging.

With the help of this article, you have to:

  • identify & engage with your target audience on social media
  • build your social media presence
  • use paid social media campaigns to sell online courses

Here are 6 key things to consider while getting started:

1. Identifying your ideal customer

First & foremost figure out who your ideal customers are. Ask yourself some basic questions like their job title, industries they work in, size of company they work for, age, and so on. This becomes your first step to creating your buyer personas.

This will help you to identify which social media platforms your target audience are active on & the types of content which will be relevant to them.

2. Engaging and building your presence

Set up the business accounts or pages on the social media platforms. Start sharing content relevant to their needs & get engaging with them. The content has to intersect with the online courses that you are selling.

Post consistently in order to build your company’s online presence. You can either log in each morning or use a scheduling tool to schedule your posts beforehand. This would allow you to focus on measuring the content which is getting the most engagement. Give your followers special promo codes while promoting your online courses.

3. Pay, but not for likes or follows

Paid social media promotions can turn out to be highly effective for generating leads, but it could take up a lot of time. A great way to begin is by promoting the content which is getting the most engagement from your target audience. This will amplify its reach & attract more people who do look like your “ideal customer”.

Spend your marketing budget on the promotions of specific posts. At the end of the day, it’s more about how relevant your followers are to your business.

4. Reaching new prospects

Now that you have already identified certain features of your ideal customer with respect to their job title, industry, company size, age, and location. Now, target them on social media! Most social media platforms offer to set up targeted promotions.  Some platforms like Facebook can target audiences based on their purchase habits and interests.

5. Retargeting

Retargeting is a specific type of marketing that allows you to target an audience that has visited your website and are already familiar with your business. Through retargeting on social media platforms, you can target prospects that have visited any page on your website, or have visited specific pages on your site. Some platforms help you to install a tracking pixel on your website to get the information.

Now get started!

Nothing is as good as the research that comes from biting the bullet and actually starting. Use the best online course platform to create, market & sell courses.

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