How to Send a Snap with a Cartoon Face Lens on Android and iOS

Due to its incredible filters, one of the most popular social media platforms, Snapchat, draws millions of users every day. You can share a photo with your friends and groups by utilizing the cartoon face lens. Additionally, you may post it to your Story. To suit your preferences, there are many beautiful cartoon face lenses available. Additionally, it occasionally gives you brand-new filters.

How Does a Cartoon Face Lens Work?

On Snapchat, the send a snap with the cartoon face lens is a well-liked augmented reality (AR) feature. With the aid of facial recognition technology, users may instantly turn their faces into cartoon characters. The Cartoon Face lens gives the user’s face a whimsical and comical appearance by superimposing numerous animation elements and effects onto it after application. By emphasizing features like bigger eyes, altered noses, bright cosmetics, and other amusing effects, the lens typically modifies the wearer’s face look.

It might also include animated elements like hearts, stars, or objects that float over the user’s head. The Cartoon Face lens is engaging and helps users take amusing and imaginative Snapchat stories to share with their friends. 

How to Send a Snap Using Snapchat’s Cartoon Face Lens?

Snapchat allows you to send a snap with the cartoon face lens and use cartoon Lenses. Do you want to learn how to take a hilarious cartoon selfie to show your friends? We’ll walk you through each step of getting a cartoon face lens and using it to transmit photos.

  • Open the most recent iteration of the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • Select the Camera Screen menu item.
  • Tap the happy face icon next to your camera button on the right.
  • Navigate to the cartoon lens and select Explore from the menu that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Then, many choices and lenses will become available.
  • Use the search bar to manually search for the filter by typing Cartoon Face. The Camera Face Lens will appear as the first search result, as you can see. Decide on the one having “Snapchat” listed as the Creator next.
  • To apply the Cartoon Face lens to previously shot photographs on your smartphone, select the Camera Roll button after choosing the filter you wish to use when taking new photos or videos.
  • To send your pals a photo taken with the cartoon face lens, click the blue arrow button.

Which Cartoon Face Lenses for Snapchat Are Popular Right Now?

Every user has access to preset Snapchat filters that are fun and simple to customize. Slide left or right to view, adjust the colors, add Snapchat geo-filters, the time, stickers, the weather, and do whatever else you want when taking a snap.

Here is a collection of the most popular cartoon filters in recent memory:

  • Cartoon Kid Lens
  • Halloween Witch Lens
  • BabyfaceLens
  • Pink Pig Lens
  • GOKU Lens
  • Naruto Uzumaki Lens
  • Patrick Love Lens
  • Blompi Bear Lens
  • Animation Style Lens
  • Spongebo Love Lens


With Snapchat’s look change filter, it’s really easy to modify your entire appearance to resemble your favorite cartoon character. Every day, you can send a photo to your friends with the cartoon face lens, and it will create a streak—a special chain of photos. To compete with your friends to see who can have the longest winning streak, take a cartoon selfie of yourself.