How to Source Home Cleaning Services for Moving

Moving to a new home provides an exciting and fresh start that rarely comes along, from a change of scenery, decorations, and home creature comforts up to décor and interior design. This fresh start is better launched in a clean and sterile home that matches the occasion. However, with all that moving pressure and workload, no one barely ever has the time or energy to go over every inch of the house with a mop and some soap. This means you just might end up unpacking your stuff in the dust and grime left by the previous inhabitants or the construction company. Either way, this is an unpleasant way to start your habitation of the new home. Hiring last-minute movers in NYC can help alleviate the time crunch and ensure a smoother transition.

Luckily, if you’re looking forward to a clean start, numerous available options offer professional home cleaning services. These options can help you to prepare the home for you and ensure that every inch is spotless, sterile, and fresh! Let’s take a quick look at some of these convenient options and how you can go about hiring home cleaning services quickly. Embark on a worry-free moving adventure with Maxi Moving. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth transition, handling every detail with precision and commitment, making your move a journey of ease and reliability.

  1. Professional Maid Services
    In the US, maid services are booming all over the place as the working class becomes more occupied with their jobs and has limited time to attend to domestic tasks. These professional home cleaning services can help you to prepare the new home for habitation, ensuring that you get the fresh start that you need in a clean home. They are often happy to engage in any job size, from the regular daily or weekly cleaning visits to the once-off gigs such as preparing an empty home for the new family.
    Due to stiff competition in this industry, maid services are often very affordable and competitively priced. These professional cleaners often use advanced equipment to thoroughly rid your home of the stricter dirt and grime, which leaves your new home in the best possible clean state you can ever imagine or attain on your own!
  2. Cleaning Service Apps
    Modern innovations have availed many innovative solutions for daily needs, such as cleaning services. Instead of the traditional maid services that often require physical bookings, office visits, etc., you can now access cleaning services via several home cleaning apps from the comfort of your own home. These apps offer the same services as maid services, but they’re more convenient to access and engage than traditional cleaning services.
    Cleaning Apps offer a lot of features that allow users to customize their required services depending on the size of the job. You can also select the number of helpers that you need, book the service time, and make payments all on the same platform. This option tends to be very agreeable with most due to its flexibility and can be used to prepare your home for your move in quickly.
  3. Do It Yourself!
    So, what happens if you can’t afford to hire these professional cleaners to prep your home? Does this mean that you’re doomed to move into a dusty and mildew-ridden home? Well, you can still do it yourself! After all, it’s just cleaning, some soap, and some water, and you’re all set! If time is a challenge, which it often is, work on your schedule to free up some time so that you can clean the house thoroughly BEFORE  the day of moving! Trying to clean up on the day of moving is just a no-no!

To lessen the burden if the house is big, start the learning process early, focusing on the key areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. You can also rope in your kids, family, friends, and even colleagues to help you out. Even if they’re unwilling, they are unlikely to say no if you ask nicely and will come help, perhaps with a bit of grumbling!

Choosing the Ideal Service

If you do decide to outsource the cleaning service, you need to thoroughly assess the selected option and ensure that it’s the best one available. There are several factors to consider which will help you in this, such as;

  • Service Cost
    Since the competition is stiff in this business, hiring the service is often very affordable. Consider the cost of each provider, including the hidden ones such as transport, food, and even tips. This will help you to compare competing service providers and give you the best service package with the lowest price tag.
  • Safety First!
    Always keep in mind that home cleaning services will have full access to your house and all its content at some point. Even if the house is still empty, there are still some risks, such as theft of fixed home fixtures like geysers and plumbing. Fraudulent cleaners can also use this opportunity to scout your home and make copies of your locks so that they can come and rob you later on after you move in!  As such, be diligent with the security precautions by conducting thorough background checks, checking the validity of trading licenses, and reading the reviews left by previous clients on reputable review sites such as Yelp.
  • Services Versatility
    There are a lot of varying cleaning demands in any home, which require versatile home cleaners to deal with. Otherwise, you might end up hiring multiple services for a complete job. Do a thorough assessment of your home and note all the specific cleaning services required, such as carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, pool cleaning, gutter cleaning, wall scrubbing, etc. When hiring, ensure that the selected provider can handle all the requisite services before you engage.
  • Working Conditions
    Different service providers come with different demands as to their working conditions. Before hiring one, ensure that you can cater to such demands to ensure that the service is a perfect fit for you. For instance, some cleaning services can only work with someone present in the home to supervise them and indemnify the company from any heft allegations. If your schedule is busy, you might not be able to cater to such conditions. Others will also require a detailed inventory of your valuables before the service is carried out for the sake of transparency. 

If you have any pets in the house, you will also need to highlight this n case some workers are allergic and make arrangements of how it will be dealt with during the cleaning process, especially if the pet is hostile to strangers.

As we wind up, be sure to tip the cleaners once the work is done to your satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to make a few pointers during the process to highlight where you want special attention. Even better, you can make a list that includes the key areas that need special attention in any home, such as bathrooms, the kitchen, and floors. Also, be sure to highlight on your list the commonly-overlooked spots in the house, such as ledges, lighting fixtures, laundry rooms, laundry room equipment, showerheads, sinks, and baseboards. Happy hunting!