How To Spot & Avoid Recruitment Fraud In India| Unojobs

Ask us: is recruitment fraud common in top Indian cities today? Our simple answer is certainly yes, recruitment fraud is a common thing in this country. According to a recent study by Hirect, roughly 56% of Indian job seekers have experienced recruitment fraud one or more times in the past years. One way to avoid this issue is by working with a placement agency, such as Unojobs, which can connect you directly with different employers without requesting any money.

  • What exactly is recruitment fraud?
  • How can you spot and avoid recruitment fraud in India today?

As you read on, you’ll discover all you should know about these recruitment fraud-related questions. In addition, you’ll also discover why using a cloud-based platform, such as Unojobs, for finding the best jobs in India is worth it.

What exactly is recruitment fraud?

As earlier mentioned, the recruitment fraud rate in India is close to 60%. With this high occurrence of job fraud, it’s only normal for job seekers in India to understand exactly how this issue works.

In case you don’t know, job fraud occurs when scammers act like a placement agency to take advantage of a candidate’s eagerness to find the best jobs in India. These scammers work by creating unreal job opportunities, which in most cases, will lure applicants to reveal their sensitive information. While some fake employment agencies are only interested in user data, some others even go as far as asking for money to offer job seekers work.

Warning Signs to spot recruitment fraud in India

You need to understand that recruitment fraud is not a new thing in India. This type of fraud has been around for a very long time. Unfortunately, a lot of scammers out there are now making this fraud more complex and hard to resist.

At Unojobs, our job is to keep job seekers in India protected from job fraud. This explains why we’re sharing the following tips to help you better identify and avoid falling victim to recruitment fraud.

  • Is the recruitment agency asking you for money?

One of the red flags to identify recruitment fraud is if an employer is requesting you to pay a certain amount of money to get hired. One thing you need to understand is that the best employers in India will never ask you for money to give you a job. These employers are most interested in hiring talents for their company. 

To hire talented employees, the right employers will never ask for money. Instead, they’ll only check the candidate’s resume, cover letter, and past work experience. That said, if an employer asks you to pay a certain amount of money for a job opportunity, we’ll advise you to see this as a type of recruitment fraud.

  • Avoid clicking job-related links anyhow

Another job afraid that’s pretty common today o comes in the form of a link. Here’s how this work:

The scammer will send you a congratulatory message saying you’ve been given a job position to occupy. However, for you to claim the offer, you need to click a certain link to complete your registration.

Well, before you go ahead to click on this link, you need to do your due diligence. Be sure the link is directly from a reliable employer before clicking on it. Only in rare cases do genuine job employers send a text asking their candidates to click on a link. As such, you need to be pretty careful to avoid falling victim to recruitment fraud.

  • Use of company information in a fraudulent way

Have you ever received a congratulatory email that says you’ve been employed at a company for a job in India that you didn’t apply for? Well, you need to understand this is another format of recruitment fraud that scammers use today.

In most cases, you’ll think twice before considering responding to this type of email. But what exactly will happen if the email is very convincing and very hard to spot as a scam?

  1. In this case, all we can say is that you need to be extra careful.
  2. Avoid sending your sensitive data or money to your potential employer, as this is a red flag.
  3. If you’re very eager to find the best jobs in India, we’ll only advise you to use a reliable job placement agency, such as Unojobs.