How to Start a Successful Podcast

There are outstanding podcasts on history, pop culture, neuroscience, and even a fictional city where robots are friends with the Dragons, no exaggeration. Your own creativity is the only limitation on what you can do with a new podcast. Before we deal with concerns about selecting a podcast name, style, and length of the show, let’s consider some major aspects. To begin with, ask yourself, “Why am I launching a podcast?” and “What is my podcast going to be about?” After you’ve clarified why and what, the remainder of the framework will fall in line.

Pick A Topic That You Will Undeniably Commit To

It’s time to work out the topic of your podcast. Your subject can be as broad as pop culture or as concentrated as debates on current Supreme Court decisions. The only prerequisite is to be enthusiastic about whatever you want to publish and put out there. It’s meant to be something you’re motivated to research and explore daily. When you’ve got an idea about what to do with podcasting, it’s time for consumer study. You should check the subject of your show in Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) to see if there are shows of that category. If there are, listen to a couple of shows and see what they’re doing best, and think about where they could use a little improvement.

Do Your Homework On Competition

Check out what the competitors are now doing and what kind of material they’re publishing. This offers newcomers an understanding of what subjects are of value to them and can hit their target audience. The main elements to be looked for are: (a) the types of information they share, (b) their frequency of publishing, and (c) the photos they use. It will allow you to discover opportunities and avenues to growth.

Choose A Proper Title For Your Podcast

Most people make the mistake of stuffing the title with keywords, don’t do that. You do want to make it easier for individuals to find your show. If you have a one or two-word podcast title, add a brief and simple description in the title tag to assist search results. Dan Abrams, a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer, says that this was actually the most difficult part of starting his podcast.

Set A Goal For Growth Of The Podcast

Once you’ve made a conscious move to add podcasting to the mix, make sure you identify your goals. This could include pushing more page traffic, increasing the exposure of a particular activity party, or cultivating relationships with visitors (i.e. potential clients and referral sources).

Don’t Script The Entire Podcast, Let It Flow Naturally

The best podcasts have niche themes that encourage people to take a unique approach to the topic and share their insight. The key is to ensure that viewers are comfortable and conversational so that the dialogue works like a table chat. More orchestrated, programmed podcasts can discourage listeners from referring to hosts, but it is a great idea to outline a conversation in advance to avoid uncomfortable pauses or lapses in the dialog.

Recording & Equipment

Podcasts do have a low entry barrier; if you want to start a podcast today, it’s fairly easy to begin a process with very little overhead or expertise. You can launch a podcast with your phone and a pair of headphones or you could become more tech-savvy during your podcasting journey and invest in good camera equipment. Remember, the material is the most important part of it. If you don’t have the experience of a Hollywood cameraman don’t stress it, there are plenty of tutorial videos to get you started with camera skills and finding decent equipment.

What Kind Of Format Will Fit Your Podcast

Some of the most common podcast formats are scripted non-fiction, news recap, educational podcasts, and interview podcasts. The main thing is to pick a style that matches your podcast and is something you’re comfortable about. There’s no correct answer when it comes to podcast formats.

It’s easy to get pumped up about a possibility like podcasting, but if you don’t plan ahead, you’re bound to quit early. Podcasting is going to take some work, so you’re going to want to make sure you spend enough time in advance to make sure you pick out a subject that excites you. Something that’s worth more than three episodes in your head. Something that will keep you going for a long time.