How To Stay Safe Using Dating Apps

While using dating apps can be convenient, there are many challenges along the way. Many people are hesitant about being wide open online. There are so many new rules of etiquette to learn, understanding the newest slang, and not-so-good people lurking in the background. A reputable dating app should have extensive vetting practices including background checks, or verification features. Nowadays on most dating apps and sugar daddy websites you can verify your identity for a safer dating and only interact with profiles who have also confirmed their identities.

Be Extremely Cautious When Sharing Personal Information

When you are speaking to a potential date, it’s important to keep some of your personal information private until you are comfortable with this person. Keep in mind, when first being in contact with people, they are still strangers. Let’s face it, if you met someone on the street you would not willingly hand out your address or other personal information, so why would it be on a dating site?

Get to know someone on the phone call before handing out information that should not be given to just anyone. It’s recommended you use the dating app’s chat feature first, then decide if you are comfortable around this potential date.

Watch Out For:

  • When you don’t reply immediately, there are people who will have an attitude or become aggressive. Those who express too much negativity.


  • Their photo(s) are blurred
  • Their profile is vaguely lacking any form of information.
  • A cropped photo could be cutting someone out of the image, like a spouse.

Understanding The Lingo

Listing all forms of lingo would take volumes but there are some terms that pretty much sum it up:

Zombie-ing – Zombie-ing is the opposite of ghosting. When a potential suitor contact suddenly contacts you from nowhere after several months of total silence and acts as if nothing ever happened.

Orbiting – This is an extension of ghosting. Someone who continually follows you on social media, claiming they like your posts but will not give up any ties.

Pocketing –  When someone keeps a new partner in their pocket. Showing signs they are trying to hide this person or introduce them to friends or announce their new relationship on social media.

Self-launching – When someone chooses to soft-launch a new relationship by gently introducing them into their social media account through the old Snapchat story or Instagram post without ever introducing them.

It’s always a good idea to be clear about what you are after. If this is a possible relationship, say so, there are many who are only looking for a short hook-up.

Your Pictures

As you are creating your profile, dating apps will ask for pictures to be uploaded as potential matches want to see who you are.  Again, it raises a red flag when someone does not offer even one picture. If there are other people in the photograph, find out if it’s okay to use the picture. Not everyone wants their faces plastered over a dating app. Choose your pictures carefully, and avoid attracting unwanted attention or causing an uncomfortable situation.

Don’t Wonder Outside The App

For your own safety and security as well as your potential match, stay inside the app.  People who have bad intentions will try and move conversations to a text message where they will not be monitored.

Use Your Instincts

That little voice that reminds you this is a big mistake? Do not ignore it, rely on your common sense every time. You might find out you saved yourself a lot of pain and heartaches.

The Bottom Line

Dating should be a lot of fun, safe, and honest.  As long as you are aware of the safety measures and protect yourself, you will know how to stay out of harm’s way. Dating apps can be a great place to make some great connections as long as you understand there will always be dishonest people out there that should always be avoided.