How to Track a Cell Phone Number Location on Google Maps for Free?

Open the Pandora’s box of Google Maps’ capabilities, a world known to many. Amid its wonders lies the enigmatic art of tracking a phone, a puzzle we’re poised to unravel in this review. 

Make yourself comfortable as we will uncover the quick method of tracking a cell phone number on Google Maps–all in the blink of an eye. Are you ready to find out how this phone tracker app works? If yes, we will start!

How to Track a Cell Phone Number on Google Maps?

If you are interested in how to track a cell phone location on Google Maps, follow the steps below:

Toggle Location Sharing and Send a Request

How to do it?

  1. Take your phone and open the Google Maps app. 
  2. Tap on your profile picture and navigate to “Location sharing.”
  1. Choose “Share Location.”
  2. Select the specific accounts with whom you wish to share your location and the duration you’d like the sharing to be active.
  1. Tap on the selected accounts and click “Share” to confirm your actions.
  1. That’s it. 

Use the Search Feature in Google Maps

What if you cannot locate a phone number on Google Map or the user is not in Google contact? Use the search feature to find them:

  1. Take the target device.
  2. Open Google Maps on it.
  3. Tap on the account image and choose “Location sharing.”
  4. Click “Add people” and copy the location-sharing link to your phone.
  5. Now use this link to track cell phone location.

What Are the Other Ways of Tracking a Cell Phone Number Location?

Here is the breakdown of common free methods to try for effortless location tracking.

Employ Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Consider using a reverse phone lookup tool on sites such as WhitePages or TrueCaller to pinpoint a cell phone’s location accurately. Then, use the address to track it on Google Maps. It’s not always perfect due to shared numbers, but it gives a rough idea.

Use Social Media to Track a Phone

You can unleash the power of social media to pinpoint a phone number’s location. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram come into play. Initiate a digital hunt by searching the number online, potentially unveiling a user’s profile across diverse social networks. Once located, delve into their posts and pictures to deduce their whereabouts.

However, not all users share their location, rendering this approach inconsistent. But if the user discloses their area, it could swiftly lead you to their location.

Leverage an IP Address Tracker

An IP address tracker wields the power to trace a phone number’s physical location. By using the IP address linked to the number, it can pinpoint the general geographic region. This aids in discovering a person’s whereabouts and potentially their precise address.

The process involves:

  • Obtain the IP address from the carrier or an online service like an IP address tracker.
  • Input the IP address into a tracking tool provided by various websites or applications.
  • Unveil the approximate geographic region, along with ISP and Internet speed details.

Try a GPS Tracking App with a Free Trial

Unlock the ability to effortlessly track phone numbers’ locations by installing a reliable and free number lookup app. It grants real-time insights, facilitating quick and precise location determination. With many options available, begin with those offering free trials for a risk-free test drive. GPS tracker apps are a dependable ally, whether you’re seeking lost devices, monitoring loved ones, or enhancing workplace efficiency.

Apply IMEI Tracker

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-digit code identifying mobile devices. It’s handy for tracing phone numbers using IMEI tracking. To use this method, find the IMEI in your device’s “Settings” or “About” section. Once armed with the IMEI number, numerous online services can track the device by leveraging this code to determine its location and offer details such as device type, model, and make.


Using Google Maps to track someone’s location is a breeze. It’s a handy and safe way to keep tabs on loved ones. Ensure you have their permission before entering their number – respecting privacy is key. It lets you connect smoothly while honoring each other’s personal space.


Is it possible to track someone’s location hiddenly?

Yes. For covert Google Maps tracking, share their app link or install a GPS tracking app while maintaining secrecy. Ensure your monitoring remains discreet and effective.

Is it possible to track real-time location? 

Yes, tracking a mobile number’s current location is possible, but this necessitates obtaining the target’s consent for such tracking to be conducted. You can also use special phone tracking apps that do not require installation, only the target phone number. 

How to track Android or iOS phones’ location on Google Maps?

Employing Google Maps’ “Find My Device” option, you can track their Android phone using their phone number, revealing both their present and past visited locations. Alternatively, you may use Find Devices on to find the approximate location of iOS gadgets.