How Tooth Extraction Can Enhance Your Smile

Everyone wishes to have a complete set of permanent teeth, but dental issues such as periodontal disease and tooth decay may make your wish challenging to be true. In some cases, tooth extraction may be the only solution for severe toothache and dental pain. If you are experiencing discomfort or persistent toothache, tooth extractions in Campbell may be the only way of protecting and enhancing your smile.

When is tooth extraction considered necessary?

Permanent teeth should last for life, but certain dental conditions may require tooth extraction. Your provider may recommend tooth extraction if you have a crowded mouth, a dental disorder where your teeth are crowded in your mouth.

Your doctor may extract several teeth to prepare you for orthodontia, a teeth alignment procedure. If your teeth cannot erupt through your gum, tooth extraction may be necessary. Other dental issues that may contribute to tooth loss include:

·                     Baby teeth that fail to fall out naturally

·                     TMJ dysfunction

·                     Malformed, broken, or dead teeth

·                     Advanced periodontal disease

·                     Severely infected or abscessed teeth

If you also experience severe dental pain or toothache, you can inform your doctor. Severe tooth decay beyond redemption may also be a reason for tooth extraction. In some cases, you may need several tooth extractions as part of the preparation for orthodontic work like dental implants, braces, dentures, and Teeth-in-a-Day.

What should you do in preparation for tooth extraction?

Imagining tooth extraction can cause unnecessary fear, which may not be easy to overcome. This makes it vital to prepare before your appointment to prevent any complications and ensure you are mentally ready. Your doctor offers a set of instructions to help you prepare for your surgery.

It may help present your medical history to reduce your susceptibility to infections. Your doctor may also advise that you avoid eating 12 hours before your surgery to prevent nausea during the procedure. The professional team at Ueno Center will prepare a strategy to ensure that you are comfortable and safe during the surgery.

What should you expect during tooth extraction?

On your appointment day, you may need to come along with a driver who can take you home after your operation. On arrival, the experts at Ueno Center Dental Specialists will prep you for surgery and ensure that you are comfortable.

Afterward, your surgeon may give a local anesthetic to numb your teeth and gums. After numbing the extraction area, the team may loosen your ligaments, remove the damaged tooth and then restore your gums with gauze. The surgeon may section your tooth for easier removal if you have an oddly shaped or large toot.

After the surgery, the experts may offer instructions on how to take care of the wound to prevent infection and promote healing. In some cases, the specialist may implant a bone graft to provide enough bone for a future implant. A bone graft is necessary to prevent further bone loss that may result in a hollow jaw.

To explore the available facts about tooth extraction, call the Ueno Center Dental Specialists, or visit the website to schedule your appointment online.

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