Humble ISD Calendar 2021

The Home Access Center, HAC Humble, offers parents and legal guardians an online gateway. They can view their student’s schedules, grades, attendance, classwork, progress reports, report cards, and course requests. This portal is available to students and their Humble Independent School District guardians for viewing student data. It is a practical approach for parents to follow the development of their children online. The login information and password they obtain from their child’s school can be used to access the HAC Humble portal by parents and guardians.

How to access your HAC humble account:

Your Home Access Center Humble portal can be accessed here:

1. Go to in your web browser.

2. Fill in the Username section of the form with your username.

3. Type your password in the Password field. Passwords must match the case.

4. View the HAC Humble dashboard by clicking in.

How to set up a Humble HAC account?

1. You must be listed with the school as the guardian of a student to open a HAC account.

2. The guardian of each student can have an independent HAC account.

3. Additionally, your child’s school must have your current email address on file to register a HAC account through the HAC portal.

4. The system cannot send you a link to establish a password for your account if you do not have an email address available or if the address is entered incorrectly.

Explore HAC Humble features below:

1. Daily Summary:

A daily summary gives your students a glance at what happened in school the previous day. It will be updated through the home access center.

2. Course requests:

Parents can request a course, and the course request will be assigned to a teacher with access to the dashboard. It is fully customizable, so teachers can create their own class schedule.

3. Progress Reports:

The progress reports include the latest annual report on students’ success in school. Guardians can view these reports through their dashboard.

4. Schedules & Grades :

The schedules and grades provide a quick overview of the academic schedule, classroom assignments, and class progress. It provides daily attendance data.

5. Classwork & Assignments:

The classwork and assignments feature provides parents and guardians with a full understanding of the work that their student has been doing in class. It also gives them a perspective of the work before the next day’s activities.


The HAC Humble is a significant step towards changing how we, as parents and guardians, are kept informed about the education of our children. The school administration is creating online portals where parents and guardians can log in with their username and password to track their child’s progress. It is an innovative approach for them to connect with their children.