ICC world cup bets in Parimatch – learn how to start betting on cricket tournaments 

Start your cricket betting journey with Parimatch to get some new exciting experiences and many privileges of registration via the Parimatch website. After the first authorization, you will get access to all the sportsbook’s offers and betting lines with plenty of different markets. For all the cricket events on Parimatch, you will find a really wide choice of the main and additional markets and high odds. You could choose any of these events for the betting but for sure the major tournaments would be the best choice. For example, ICC World Twenty20 which is scheduled to start on October 16 is already can be found on the Parimatch betting line, so you could make your first bets even before the official start of this event. 

Calendar of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 — rounds members and some more important information 

Check the ICC World Twenty20 calendar to choose the most interesting matches for bets and try to find the actual information about the teams’ shape and motivation. For the forecast preparation, you can use the statistics that can be found via the official sportsbook website. Based on that information it will be really simple to choose the best markets and make the max of winning bets. Here are some of the matches that can be interesting for amusing betting:

  • Sri Lanka vs Namibia;
  • UAE vs Netherlands;
  • West Indies vs Scotland;
  • Zimbabwe vs Ireland!

For sure these are only some of the events that are already available via the website so it’s better to learn the betting line to find even more great options for betting. The ICC World Twenty20 calendar is already finished by the tournament organizations so bettors could plan their bets and prepare the forecast for the chosen matches. 

How to prepare the forecast for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup — simple tips for newbies

According to the ICC World Twenty20 rules, 16 teams will take part in the tournament in two stages. Round 1 will be started on 16 October with Sri Lanka – Namibia and UAE – Netherland matches. During this round, 9th and 10th ranked T20 nations will meet to find the strongest team. But only 8 of all the 1st round teams will take a part in Round 2 where they all will be divided into two main groups. 

For sure some teas have the highest chances to win for it. So even now after the simple registration via the Parimatch website you could analyze the team shape and choose the best matches to bet on. Look at both groups because there are leaders and underdogs in each of them. With that information for you, it will be really simple to choose the best markets based on your forecast. Also, you can always find a forecast via specialized websites but most of them need to be bought so it’s better to learn how to forecasting by yourself. Especially since there are a lot of statistics that can be found via the Parimatch website. 

When the forecast will be done you could start analyzing the available betting line and odds. Based on the odds you can correct the forecast and find the best markets to bet on. 

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