Importance of jewelry in Indian Tradition

Indians give a lot of impotence to jewelry in their tradition. jewelry is considered not just as an asset, but also as a keepsake, a gift, a lucky charm, or as an offering to bring good times and prosperity to the individual and family.

jewelry is mostly associated with women in India, ever since a girl is born, jewelry becomes a part of her life from the initial few days as people bring small golden jewelry as gifts for the newborn baby. This tradition continues all the way to the wedding of the girl where she is handed with family jewelry and is passed on from one generation to another in traditional families.

Gifting jewelry online has become one of the most important rituals for modern families these days for every occasion, be it for special occasions, weddings, or when a new child is born.

Such is the deep and meaningful traditional importance placed on jewelry in India. There is a lot of history that goes into the holding and passing on of jewelry in India. Below are some of the facts highlighting the importance of jewelry in Indian Traditions:

  1. History of Golden Jewelry in India

Gold is considered to be equivalent to a goddess from ancient Indian mythology who often brings good luck and prosperity to the family who holds it. It is also one of the biggest assets for most families in India.

In the earlier days, kings and kingdoms that had the most amount of gold had superiority and dominance over others. This tradition kept passing on and even today, families with the most amount of gold jewelry are considered to be more prosperous and bountiful.

  • Purchase of jewelry for Special Occasions

Another important milestone for each family in Indian tradition is the purchase of golden jewelry for special occasions. There is a special festival in India which is called Akshaya Tritiya, which is based on a celestial event. During this event, many families buy golden jewelry as a sign of good luck and prosperity for the family.

Most Indian families also buy jewelry during Diwali and other harvest festivals that are celebrated regionally across India. This marks the end of hardships faced in the year and the beginning of better times as a new year starts.

  • Gifting of jewelry

The gifting of jewelry for special occasions is an important milestone and practice in India. Many people are gifted jewelry when they are newborn babies, when girls get engaged and married or when a new bride comes into a new family etc. Gifting jewelry online has become one of the most important trends now as there are so many different options to look at online and at very competitive prices.

Gifting jewelry to a woman basically is done to help her be on her feet once she goes off to her new home. It helps the woman of the family to be financially independent and helps with major milestones in their life such as starting a business, helping with buying land, constructing houses, or other important phases in life.

It gives financial superiority and self-confidence to women as most Indian women traditionally were homemakers until the last decade. Even though the scenario has changed work-wise, the tradition of gifting jewelry continues in families. These are some of the major areas where the importance of jewelry can be seen in Indian Traditions.