Important features your coffee machine must have

There’s something special about brewing your coffee. This is one of the main reasons people choose to buy a coffee machine. But finding a coffee machine that fits your need can be challenging.

Coffee machines were traditionally bulky and expensive, and some still are. But there’s no need for you to worry about that. If you didn’t know, Nescafe, a globally loved brand, brings you a line of professional coffee machines.

As technology and aesthetics have changed over the years, Nescafe has kept pace with things and created Nescafe E, which is probably the only personal coffee machine available in India.

Let’s take a detailed look at the features of the Nescafe coffee machine.

Smart coffee machine for the smart generation

A sleek design that would enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics is accompanied by wireless connectivity. You can use the integrated Nescafe E-app, and be assured of a hot cup of coffee waiting for you, just when you step out of bed!

Coffee, the way you want it

The new e Nescafe coffee machine is a true delight as it can whip up a variety of coffee options ranging from hot to cold or black to milky and creamy. So, you finally have a coffee machine that empowers you to choose your type of coffee and make it to perfection.

Anytime, anywhere

E is a smart, sleek and portable Nescafe coffee machine that comes with an insulated body and noise-free operation, and you can carry it in your backpack pocket even to work!

Effortless use

The Nescafe E coffee machine is easily the most convenient personal coffee maker in India. You just need to place your mug in the docking station and wait for the LED light to go off. Connect to the device using your phone’s Bluetooth and location services, and activate the Nescafe E connected mug app on the phone. Pair it by following the instructions and pressing the LED button for more than 3 seconds when prompted by the app. Voila, your Nescafe coffee machine is ready to use.

Lighter than the traditional machines

Weighing less than 500 grams, this coffee machine is lighter than even the iPad, and can prepare coffee in 60-90 seconds which is way faster than even the kettle. It is compatible with a dishwasher and cup car holder, offering convenience on road trips.

Since you are looking for a coffee machine, you surely know the value of an aromatic, delicious cup of coffee. From Monday blues to a busy day at work, a hot cup of your favourite coffee can do wonders.

Go ahead, and enjoy the best of your personal coffee machine experience with e-Nescafe, a next-generation coffee maker!