Important Things to Know Before Undergoing Scalp Micropigmentation

Although Australia is not included on the top 10 list of countries with the most baldness among men, many Aussies still deal with this problem. Baldness or alopecia areata is a very common condition wherein men go bald eventually. Current estimates show that 2% of Australians, the majority are the male sex, suffer from this condition. 

One of the culprits behind baldness or alopecia is related to genes. But various conditions contribute to hair loss and baldness. However, the number one cause of this condition is genetics. The condition can be passed down to the children either from their father or mother. 

The country with the most men who go bald is the Czech Republic, with 43-per cent of their men suffering from this condition. However, hair loss is a common daily problem not just for men but for women. 

The good news is, there are many solutions to treat this condition. One treatment offers a temporary solution, while others offer a long-term fix. The most popular and most coveted treatment for this condition is the scalp micro pigmentation or hair tattoo. If you happen to be residing in Drummoyne, you have no problem choosing a cosmetic clinic that offers this kind of treatment. 

Drummoyne is six-kilometres west of Sydney’s central business area. It has four cosmetic clinics which offer scalp hyperpigmentation based on Google’s Business List. But, if you have time to travel to central Sydney, you can add more choices of cosmetic clinics to your list since it has more than a dozen of them who offer this treatment.

However, before you decide to treat your alopecia with hyperpigmentation, you need to read this post first. Discussed below are some of the notable information you need to know about scalp micropigmentation, courtesy of the best experts in hair tattoo Drummoyne has. 

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

It is an advanced cosmetic procedure conducted by a trained cosmetic technician or physician who utilizes microneedles that inserts pigment into the patient’s hair follicles. The procedure creates an aesthetically and naturally looking shaved hair which erases any traces of baldness.

Initially, the cosmetic technician determines the proper pigment shading and the proper hairline the patient wants.

  • First Treatment

They then proceed with the initial treatment, wherein the pigment is applied to each hair follicle. However, due to microneedles, the procedure causes skin irritation on the patient’s scalp. The end-result usually gives the patient scabs and redness on the scalp, which lasts for a few days.

  • Second Treatment

The second treatment meanwhile takes place a week later. The cosmetic technician inserts more pigment to increase the density and achieve the desired colour of the hair. Usually, the technician or physician uses a darker shade for this phase.

  • Last Treatment

During this phase, it is a maintenance procedure for any pigment parts, which seems to fade away. The technician reapplies the pigment and shading to achieve a more consistent appearance.

Each of the treatments usually lasts for three to five hours in maximum. The patient needs to have a good night sleep or a proper rest before the procedure. There is a sort of discomfort and pain involved during the procedure; it is pretty much the same as getting tattooed. But cosmetic technicians apply anaesthesia to ease the pain of the procedure.

Expected Results Once the Procedure is Done

Most patients who have undergone this kind of procedure usually look like they have freshly shaved heads. The procedure follows a certain pattern that mimics the natural flow of real hair, so it will not look artificially applied. Some even want an edged-up hairline to provide them with a more youthful appearance based on the experience of experts in hair tattoo Drummoyne has.

When Does A Person Need Scalp Micropigmentation?

People who suffer from excessive balding or experience symptoms of alopecia are the perfect candidates for this procedure. People who experience hair thinning and want to improve their hair density’s appearance can also undergo this procedure. People who want to conceal burns, scars, or birthmarks on their scalp can also undergo this procedure.

How Much Does This Procedure Usually Cost?

Baldness comes with a hefty price. The most common scalp micro pigmentation procedure costs around $1,000 to $3,000 in Australia. Other countries cost less or more depending on the area. The procedure becomes more expensive if the patient is already suffering from complete baldness.

How Effective Is This Procedure?

This procedure is permanent similar to a conventional tattoo. With this in mind, the pigment starts to fade five years after the procedure was done. However, it can be re-touched whenever the patient wishes to do so.

Bottom Line Scalp micro pigmentation is an effective solution to baldness. This procedure or treatment is not entirely for everyone considering the cost, but many cosmetic clinics these days offer a cheaper price to draw clients. All you need to do is research for a cosmetic clinic which offers both quality and affordable scalp micro pigmentation procedure.

Author name: Alison Lurie