Increase In Blood Pressure Levels After COVID-19 Vaccine

The occurrence of COVID-19 was not the first time that mankind suffered from a pandemic. But it was surely something completely new for the people of the present age. There is no doubt that the danger and fear associated with this pandemic were real. With the latest and innovative technology, the scientists were faster to come up with vaccines. These were more than 95% effective against the disease. And along with vaccines, came some side effects. These may be fatigue, headaches, fevers, diarrhea, swelling, nausea, hypertension, etc.

Incidence Of High BP As Side Effect Of COVID-Vaccine

An increase in the blood pressure of the vaccinated people is one of the most commonly found and worrisome side effects on people who got vaccinated for COVID-19. Studies have shown that it is not essential for patients to develop symptoms as soon as they are vaccinated. The timings vary from patient to patient. The rise in blood pressure levels is usually observed in both diastolic and systolic by nearly 10mmHg. 

Why Do Vaccinated People Have High BP?

While doctors are recommending some generic medications for treating hypertension. Some patients will have an increase in their blood pressure levels after vaccination while others might show symptoms in a week or so. Some physicians suggest that there is no 100% surety that this hypertension resulted as a side effect of the vaccine and the patient can be treated through some generic medications. 

It could be a pre-existing medical condition in the patient or just a reaction to anxiety before the vaccine. The hype, negative or irresponsible media coverage has also contributed to the stress of the people. There is not any guarantee that a specific vaccine will not cause hypertension in certain patients. Also, some may experience it before or after the first or second dose of the vaccine. 

Consequences Of High BP

If the public is worrying about getting hypertension after having COVID-19 vaccines, then they are not wrong. Increased blood pressure is not a minor health problem, especially if not regularly treated. And can be the cause of severe health issues like heart disorders. How the COVID-19 vaccine is affecting blood pressure levels could be much easier to understand if there is some previous data about the patient’s blood pressure levels available. Patients having minor fluctuations can consult a health expert or get some medicine like losartan. And if the patient is already having pre-existing high blood pressure issues then it can be clear that the vaccine was not the main cause of hypertension. 

Hypertension is not less than COVID-19 as a life threatening health problem. It is more dangerous for patients who have other health issues such as diabetes, infections, cancer, or other respiratory diseases. So focusing on hypertension before and after the vaccination will be helpful in this issue. Also, having high blood pressure must not prevent a person from getting their covid-19 vaccination. Using medications such as generic Losartan will aid in lowering the risk factors in the long term. 

All in all, there is not enough proof and data that guarantees that the exact reason behind increased blood pressure levels is COVID-19 vaccines. However, before and after regular analysis of the subjects can aid in resolving the issue.